<what happened to the world calendar?!>

The World Calendar is not dead. It is very much alive and well in the dark vestiges of the Internet. However, it is undergoing some very massive changes. Some you may like, you may not.

As of June 9th, 2001, the World Calendar ceases to exist as a solo site. Instead, it will be forming part of my new Buffy the Vampire Slayer fansite to launch in August or September. This integration will allow me to update on a more regular basis and keep it all together. It will also allow for a better and cleaner layout and an easier to follow navigation.

Unfortunately, since this site will be specialising in Buffy only, the Angel part of the World Calendar will be removed. This is due not only to lack of time, but lack of interest in the show itself. Angel is still a very good television series, but one I am afraid to say that doesn't interest me all that much. I realise many of you (including the former webmasters of the World Calendar) will object to the changes occurring here. Unfortunately, I could see no other alternative. It was either radical change or complete shutdown. And I opted for the former option.

When the site launches, only countries that I have information for will be included. Those that do not, they will be deleted. I am sorry, but there is no point in continuing certain pages if there is no information available. When I was going through the pages, there were many, many pages that hadn't been updated in a long time. And I could not find any information on them myself, and apparently neither did anyone else, because no-one submitted any updated info for these pages. So these pages will be removed. Should more information come to light, I may consider reopening the pages.

The general layout of the site will be extremely different. Similar to the layout of this page, in some respects. It will be a lot more interesting, as well as easier to follow. Improved graphics, etc. all of that.

So that is a complete rundown of what you can expect when the World Calendar relaunches as a subsection of my Buffy site later in the year - before the season premiere.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. (no immature emails; if you're rude or ignorant, I will ignore you), please contact me.




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