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World Challenge 2: The Pacific Islands

Welcome to World Challenge I: Japan. Sixteen average Americans have set forth on the journey of a lifetime! They have each volunteered, and will be stranded in a harsh, virtual environment: The Islands of Japan. The sixteen chosen castaways will be forced to survive the environment, the dangerous wildlife, and most importantly, survive each other. The winner, will become the sole World Challenger. The contestants must live every day with the constant threat of being voted out of the game by their constantly changing tribemates. The rules are simple, however the game is not. Do you have what it takes?

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Last updated:
October 17th, 2002

This game ended on:
May 7th, 2002

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World Challenge 1: Japan's stats on eGame Central

#19 for February 16th - February 23rd
#12 for February 23rd - March 2nd
#11 for March 2nd - March 9th
#10 for March 9th - March 16th
#8 for March 16th - March 23rd
#3 for March 23rd - March 30th
#1 for March 30th - April 6th
#4 for April 6th - April 13th
#3 for April 13th - April 20th
#5 for April 20th - April 27th
#9 for April 27th - May 4th
#6 for May 4th - May 11th
#11 for May 11th - May 18th
#16 for May 18th - May 25th

World Challenge 1: Japan was on the top 20 for 14 weeks, and we thank all of you hosts who voted for us.

Due to popular demand, the "poping-out text" has been removed. If you would like to have put back on, e-mail me at