Football Clubs of the World, their Leagues and their home cities, on show to the World

Every year, more Football Clubs of the World will be featured in this section of World Football. The features will include brief historical and current information about the club, brief historical and current information about the club's home city, plenty of photos showcasing the club, its players and its home city, club emblems and brief fact file, plus the home stadium if possible. When possible, historical photos will be included as well as a few interesting facts from the past. Visit clubs from different parts of the World and different types of Football. Learn about different cities and cultures. You will quickly realise that the passion of Football is a universal sensation. Return regularly to continue your journey through the World of Football.

The World Really is a Wonderful Place!!

The Passion of Football

No.1: More than 100,000 supporters took to the streets in Sydney, Australia protesting about their club - South Sydney (the most successful club in the Leagues history) being axed from the competition they helped start in 1908, after a billion dollar 'war' between huge multinational companies for TV rights.
No.2: Aarau, Switzerland
No.3: Sampdoria, Italy
: Brondby, Denmark
Flamengo, Brazil

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From the famous Nou Camp, home of Mighty
Barcelona of Spain
(LEFT) to tiny Bedok Stadium, home of Geylang United of Singapore (BELOW), the
World of Football is as diverse as it is wonderful. The passion is the same!!!