This is a brief guide for you that will teach you how to make fast and easy money on the Internet.
On the Internet there are some corporations that will pay you for watching commercials ,receiving mails, or placing banners on your web site(if you have one)...I put here some links to the best sites that will give you money for doing nothing.The links below are for International users not only for US users. you make 40$ in 10 minutes - very recommended
This site is the best if you ask me.The subscribing is free and after you complete your registration you must click the "get 2000 points" link(in page level3.asp) and check all the boxes there(40 boxes).So in 10 minutes you already have 40 $.Another great thing about this site is that if a friend of yours subscribes you receive 12 $( or 39$ till the end of july.If you login every day on this site you will receive 1 $/day.If you get an error while clicking the link you receive in your email(for confirmation),remove the last character from the link ( ">").

WWW.SPEDIA.NETyou make money just surfing the web and playing games - very recommended
This site will pay you money( up to 0.70 $/ hour) if you will browse the web.The only thing is that spedia installs a advertising bar on the bottom of your browser.There are many corporations who will pay you to surf the web but none of them with 0.70 /hour.The subscription is free.Other thing grate, is that spedia pays you if you play some nice games they offer.

http://www.sendmoreinfo.comyou are paid for receiving mails -very recommended
All you have to do to receive money from this site is to click the links from the emails they send to you.You don't have to replay nothing or to read nothing.Just right click the links and then close the window.It's very easy .You receive 5-10 cents for every mail you receive and 2 cents for every mail your Referral receive.The subscription is free.

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