Driver Profiles
Street Stocks
Bill Saxe
Tom Laner Jr.
Troy Weisenfluh
Mike Loney
Mike Ricci Alex Konopka
Tom Gervasi Nick Petrilak
Bill Metschulat
Pure Stocks
Four Cylinders
George Ippolito
Frank Bush
To submit your Drivers Profile please Email your answers to Justin Beltrame.

1 What kind of Chassis and Body?

2. How many years racing?

3. What kind of motor? Chevy, Ford, Mopar etc.

4 The Reason for the car number?

5 How did you become involved in racing?

6. Who are your Crew Members?

7 Your Major Sponsors.

8. What is you most memorable moment in racing?

Please email your answers to me then i will put it all together. If you have a picture of the car, you may also send it to me. make sure the photo is saved as a jpeg or gif. Thanks