Jodie and Mike
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We have decided to write separate news as we see and think differently to each other. Of course, it would be no good to have just one person's view of everything!! We hope you enjoy both newsletters.

WOW! We are finally in Australia again....after 3 years away. We are going to love the wide open spaces and fresh air of riding through the red centre. AND we will have plenty of time to write about our Malaysian and Indonesian adventures so that they will arrive here when we find the next longish computer session. Does anybody know where the next computer is after Katherine????? See you Melbournites soon, hopefully by the end of September (a BIG ride!)
Mike and Jodie

NOW... we are in Adelaide. Not far to go now and Yes! we are very excited. We are planning to be home on 29th September....9 days to go......... newsletter 8 "Eating in Thailand!!"

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newsletter 6 "Salaam from Iran!"

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newsletter 1 "Preparing to go: Where we're going, what we're doing, and getting there from California"