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*** Where is Jess??? ***
Jess in Italy

IRAN (and a few from Turkey)
Mike's puncture
rainbow riding near Hamadan
Our friends in Tabriz
Stopped for lunch in village school
Mike in white! - Just out of Van in Turkey
a typical row of stalls
great mosque in Van, Turkey
Our friend Mehrnaz making kebabs at a waterfall near Shiraz
Kurdish family (large!) that invited us for lunch in Van, Turkey
Mike likes the bread in Iran - it's cheap to buy lots of it!
Hubble Bubble! I had to try it! - in Tabriz
a beautiful campsite in Iran, not far from the road!
Didgeridoo with the vaccuum cleaner???! in Shiraz with Mehrnaz
Camel anyone? we haven't eaten it yet
Ayaz and Sasan of Abadeh were extremely kind to us
An Iranian picnic - slightly muddy and very funny, near Shiraz with Mehrnaz and Majid
Jodie the bat at Persepolis ruins

Whilst we're in NORWAY....
AT WORK: Rafting excitement!
Jodie guiding
Mike the flying guide!....make sure you look at his nose!He punched himself!!!
Say "aahhh" Mike
A flip - all in a days work!
Riverboarding - surfing (but not like in Australia)
Jodie guiding - down the slide!
Mike's gone mad!!!
Giddyup! Yahoo!
This is fun
Shark!! Watch out Mike!
Will the troll get them?
Yes!!we made it
The beauitful river - Numedalslagan
AT WORK: Rappelling
Stop! don't do it! (Mike Abseiling)
Preparing for Asia
Injections -ouch!
Walking in the beautiful Dagali valley
Pretty autumn colours
Jodie in the Dagali Hotel wearing National costume
Our view - a storm brewing
Vibrant autumn yellows
Colours above the tree line
Tozi, Tine, Michael and Jodie at the high point of our walk
Jodie resting at a stream
Reindeer Moss - what we walk on
Mike's tummy (gosh, is it that big!!!)
Iceclimbing Trip
Dagali Rafting on ice!
Briksdalsbreen Glacier, Norway
Jodie iceclimbing
Mike iceclimbing
Mike on the glacier

Angelo & Anne Marie from Abruzzo,Italy
The beautiful Dolomiti, Italy
I need training wheels!!!
Mauro, Francesca, Ge-gia; Italy

Plitvicka Jezera National Park, Croatia
Our coastal outlook,Croatia
Organic chickens at Alen's in Croatia
Alen from Rijeka, Croatia
George and Lily's place in Prezid, Croatia
Beautiful waterfalls! Plitvicka Jezera, Croatia

Aletsch Glacier mountains - what a wonderful place to be in!
Alpine flowers of Switzerland
Moo! we like Switzerland too - a typical scene
Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland
Traditional Swiss house
Ingrid and Urs(the fireman!) in Kandersteg, Switzerland
"I'll rescue you..." Kandersteg, Switzerland
Mike believed they had 6 months more life left....Jodie had different ideas, the walked by themselves. poooweee!
Free Cookie Samples! and boy, did we sample!

Camping near a river, Slovenia
Glacial blue river - lovely to drink! Soca River in Slovenia
Pretty & unusual flower, Slovenia
Haystack scene, Slovenia
Krizna Jama: caving in Slovenia
Not every day is full of sunshine! Soca River,Slovenia
Haystacks, Slovenia
14% up, go Mike! Vrsic Pass, Slovenia
Triglav National Park - "One slip and I'm gone!!"

Packing in America
Jodie Packing "It's in here somewhere!"
Mike Packing "Ta Daaa!"
Jodie Labelling It All...