World Class Equine
Welcome to World Class Equine, home of the finest SIM horses in the world.  Here, you may own, breed, sell, train, race, and show your own horses.  Read the rules and take a look around.  If you like what you see, join us!  We'd love to have you!  I'm hoping to keep this game as active as possible for as long as possible.  There are many opportunities throughout this game, and a lot of opportunities to help out. us out if you'd like!


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This site and game is still under contruction.
June 05, 2003
*Current Job Opportunities*
Right now, I need people to run:
The Bank
The Veterinarian's Office
The Farrier's Office
The Humane Society
If you want, you may ask me to run:
The Main Studbook
I also need help:
Keeping Records
One thing this game needs in general:
Members to make stables, start businesses, start associations, make racetracks, and make show arenas to begin holding races and shows.

E-mail me using the button below immediately if you are interested in any of these positions.

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Top Dog!
Disclaimer: This site is fake, as in, not real.  It is a SIM game and all horses, farms, etc. are fake and part of the game.  All pictures are taken from various sites.  If you are the original owner of a picture and you'd like your picture to be taken off the site, e-mail me and kindly ask me to remove it.  Thank you.