How Much Homework
Is Enough?

     I  read an article in The New York Times on the Web, As Homework Load Grows, One District Says 'Enough'.  In Piscataway, New Jersey, parents have been complaining that their children are getting too much homework. They said the children had no time for other activities and they had to stay up too late at night to get all their  homework done. The Board of Education told all of the teachers to give the children only a half an hour of homework in elementary schools . They are not to mark it or put it on the report cards.
     I am in fifth grade and I spend about an hour and a half doing my homework because I don't rush to go outside or do something else, so I work slowly and carefully. I think an hour and a half is okay. I don't think a child my age or younger should be up all night doing homework. They should be able to do homework and get time to go outside and have free time. But just half an hour of homework is not enough. You need more time to learn a lot and get smarter. My mother thinks that an hour and a half is okay because I can get time to play, do homework, and be in bed early.
    I think that the teachers should be able to mark the home work and put it on the report cards to show the parents if the children are doing their homework or not and how they are doing in school.
    We talked about this in our class and we did a survey to find out how much time we felt kids our age should be spending on homework.

    Most of us felt that one or two hours of homework each night was the right amount.  My teacher joked that the kids who voted for a half hour or less might want to run away from home and go to Piscataway, and those who voted for more than two hours might want to go to Harvard.

Grade 5
 Mr. Greenberg,Teacher
Public School 241
976 President Street, Brooklyn NY 11225