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A Mesage from the CEO (August 8th)

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Worldcom Crooks Timeline...

* August 9, 2002 *
Bernie Ebbers "I am not a crook!"

* August 8, 2002 *
Make that another $3.3 billion...

Another $2 billion in "errors" found!

* August 2, 2002 *
"The executives are negotiating pleas..."

A Sullivan Biography

* August 1, 2002 *
Two former Worldcom Executives arrested by the FBI

More on the arrests

"Scott Sullivan led out in handcuffs..."

* July 29, 2002 *
Worldcom is kicked off NASDAQ

Interesting Documents
(provided by the Committee on Energy & Commerce)


More on the Bankruptcy

Subpoenas are handed out

Bernie refuses to testify

SEC files fraud charges against Worldcom


"Fraud 101"

Bernie Resigns

April Layoffs