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Welcome to the web-site for our World Divas. We will share our appearance and experiences.  Divas are members of "The Queen's Team," the Worldwide Pagant, Ms. US & Ms. World International Beauty and other philanthropic or pageant groups.  Please click on the name to share the journey of that Diva!
If you would like to be a World Diva, email info to :
Kimberly Laukala
Mrs. Classic Beauty 2004

Liz Miller
Miss United States Worldwide 2004

Yvette Parish
Mrs. Mexico Ethnic World 2004

Sheryl Roush
Ms. Heart of San Diego 2004

Cherie Potsklan
Ms. Worldwide 2004

Lynne Trones
La Reina de Esperanza

Gloria Anglon
Miss Maryland Galaxy

Stephanie Crisp
Ms. Metropolitan 2004

Judith Cole

Venus Day
Mrs. Worldwide 2004

Ms. World 2003
Mrs. American Achievement Ambassador 2004

Angela Howell
Ms. Classic Beauty

Jahna Houston
Mrs. Volunteer America 2004

Shannon Jorgenson
Mrs. West Coast Worldwide



Stayc Velarde
Mrs. America Worldwide 2004

Lisa Marie Weyh
Ms. US Intl. Beauty 2004

Tilla Wiesel
Ms. Worldwide Beauty

Carolyn Zak
Miss Worldwide 2004