"The shells and silk, interestingly, had been of considerable value to the fisherman. The shells were from Thassa islands and their types were unknown in the interior. Similarly silk was unknown in the interior. The shells from about the throats and ankles of all the girls, of course, had been traded. We had also traded, of course, the strips of red and black printed rep-cloth from about the hips of the two blond slaves. We had retained the golden chain which I wore, which had been a gift of Bila Huruma. It might be useful, we speculated, at a later date. In civilization, of course, it had considerable value. Here we did not know if it would have more value than metal knives or coils of copper wire. The results of our trading had been two baskets of dried fish, a sack of meal and vegetables, a length of bark cloth, plaited and pounded, from the pod tree, dyed red, a handful of colored, wooden beads, and most importantly, two pangas, two foot long, heavy, curve bladed bush knives. it was the latter two implements in which Kisu had been most interested. I did not doubt but what they might prove useful for."

Explorers of Gor

World End Trade is located on the northern bank of the Laurius River bordering the Northern Forest, in a line directly north of Teveh Pass.

"Male and female outlaws do not much bother one another at the exchange points. They keep their own markets. I cannot recall a case of females being enslaved at an exchange point, as they bargained with their wares, nor of males being enslaved at their exchange points, when displaying and merchandising their captures. If the exchange points became unsafe for either male or female outlaws, because of the others, the system of exchange points would be largely valueless. The permanency of the point, and its security, seems essential to the trade."

Hunters of GOR

"Truth is a strange thing. There is a danger in seeking it, for one might find it. That one does not like a truth does not make it false. How few people understand that!"

Witness of Gor

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