This site includes many pictures that were personally taken by
Ron Newcomer of many entertainers from other countries around the world.
This includes many country music singers.
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Kirsty Lee Akers
Sherrie Austin
Gord Bamford
Bering Strait
Arthur Blanch
Shannon Lee Briggs
Catherine Britt
Lisa Brokop
Terri Clark
Beccy Cole
Travis Collins
Patricia Conroy
Donita Dey
Lucie Diamond
Doc Walker
Morgan Evans
Jessie Farrell
Sharnee Fenwick
Shea Fisher
Aileen Flanagan
Adam Gregory
Rodrigo Haddad
Kylie Harris
Tara Lyn Hart
Adam Harvey
Ruud Hermans
Natalie Howard
Jedd Hughes
Sandra Humphries
Jaxonville (Rachael & Rebecca)
Gina Jeffreys
Jetty Road (Lee Bowman, Paula Bowman, Julian Sammut, Simon Ross)
Brad Johner
Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Kat' Lee Jones
Karen Keeley
Troy Kemp
Tracy Killeen
Nick Kingswell
Nick Kingswell, Jake Nickolai, Catherine Britt
Suzanne Klee
John Landry
Janine Le Clair
Briana Lee
Debbie Machulla
Beverley Mahood & Patricia Conroy
John McNicholl
Brenda Mullen
Amber Nicholson
Roxanne Nicole
Jamie O'Neal
Jasmine Rae
Aleyce Simmonds
Mistin Renee Summers
Laurie Thain
Diana Trask
Keith Urban
Felicity Urquhart
Jacqueline Van Der Griend
Cassandra Vasik
Rachael Warwick
The Wilkinsons
Michelle Wright
Shane Yellowbird