Rye's Fencing Info Page

Rye's Fencing Info Page
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About Fencing
My Fencing Life The sport of fencing is one of the fastest and most demanding of them all, different from the choreographed bouts you see on film or on the stage. Instead of swinging from a chandelier or leaping from balconies, you will see two fencers performing intense movements on a six-feet-by-40-feet strip. The movement is so fast that touches are scored electrically. Fencing is a 4000-year-old sport. Standing in a low position, the sport can last up to 3 minutes and if the score is tied after regulation the fencers get an extra minute for overtime.
My Fencing Life
I became involved with fencing because of this. My friend, Chris Duncan, he started fencing and told me all the amazing things about it. How you have fun, get to sword fight, and everything great about fencing. After about 3 months of him fencing I decided "what the heck" I'll try fencing. I've loved it every moment of my life! Since I've started I've been athlete of the month at my fencing club for the months of December, January February, and March. The fencing club I go to now is called Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center. You can e-mail them to get more information at: CFSMPC@aol.com

Fencing Picture is from fencing.com