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Posted 3-26-08

Bush expresses concern about Tibet to Chinese , is the headline to this AP article with the sub heading: Also acknowledges mistake on missile fuse shipment to Taiwan

I just find it interesting that as the U.S. is getting on China's case for it's crackdown on Tibet, all of the sudden and out of the blue is a story about something that happened years ago that is just now, supposedly by chance, coming to the attention of the American people. Namely, that the U.S. military "accidently" shipped ballistic missile fuses to Taiwan. This sounds like a little push back by the Chinese government and a way to change the subject.

But even so, how is it possible for ballistic missile fuses to "accidently" be sent by the U.S. military to Taiwan? Doesn't it make you wonder? Some might say I am making a big deal out of nothing, after all mistakes happen, move on.  But would anyone who says that also hold the same position if we found out China had "accidently" sent ballistic missile fuses to Cuba? 

Democratic Nomination

Here is a cut and paste of an article about a poll that came out today by the Gallup Organization

by Frank Newport  

PRINCETON , NJ -- A sizable proportion of Democrats would vote for John McCain next November if he is matched against the candidate they do not support for the Democratic nomination. This is particularly true for Hillary Clinton supporters, more than a quarter of whom currently say they would vote for McCain if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee.

The polling data suggests that 28% of Clinton supporters will vote for McCain if Hillary in not the nominee while 19% of Obama supporters said they would do the same if Obama is not the nominee. There is no way the uncommitted super delegates can't take this into consideration. Not saying this is the all deciding factor, but yes they will have to take this into account, and it makes it a little harder to simply tell Hillary thanks for the memories, but you lose, now get lost. 

This is why I see a joint ticket, because the best chance the Dem's have in November is if both Obama and Hillary are on the ticket. And the best chance of winning is what I think most democrats want.  Here is the link to the article

My impression of the headlines and articles I have read over the last few days is that the mainstream media has seemed to turn a little against Sen. Clinton, this change seemed to coincide with the news a few days ago that there will be no "do-over's" in Florida and Michigan.  This translated to some that  any chance that Sen. Clinton had of "winning" the popular vote had vanished. Now many more political analysts are starting to wonder and ask aloud, "so why is she still running"?

But I never gave much weight to the  "popular vote" argument. Rather it seems clear that Sen. Clinton's strategy is best summed up as saying that Sen. Obama can't beat Sen. McCain. The "electability" issue is the overarching strategy. And under that general heading are a bakers dozen of reasons the Clinton campaign has put forward or by their silence given support to. In plain language the Clinton campaign has overtly or covertly suggested Obama is unelectable (can't beat McCain) because: 

 Obama is not a Christian (a Muslin), Obama is not patriotic (un-American), Obama's wife is not patriotic (un-American), Obama is a plagiarist, Obama is (inexperienced-naive- unprepared), Obama is a charlatan, Obama is delusional, Obama's supporters are delusional, Obama's pastor is a racist, Obama's pastor is unpatriotic (un-American), Obama is doing well "only" because he is Black etc etc etc.

All of this has been suggested to the American public by the Clinton campaign but equally important it has been and is being directed by the Clinton campaign for the consumption of the Super Delegates.  Who I suggest, will not simply rubberstamp the delegate count but instead will give the nomination to who they judge to have the best chance of beating McCain. The Clinton campaign has done and I expect will continue to do everything it can to cast doubt in the minds of the Super Delegates.  Even if there are no do-over's in Florida and Michigan Clinton still can say if there had been I would have won. And the truth is I think the Super Delegates will factor how Clinton might have done in those states into their final decision. It would be foolish for an uncommitted super to make a choice without asking them self how the candidate they choose will do in those to states, and the others, come November. 

Posted 3-23-08

American Troops in Iraq Reaches 4,000

I extend my sympathy to the family and friends of those who have given their life to their country.  I also extend prayers of  healing and hope to those who have been injured and to their loved ones.

I thought it was noteworthy that it was IED's that killed the three soldiers today that pushed the death toll to the 4,000 mark. As we know IED's have been a leading cause of combat deaths for a number of years now and it's use is still having an impact.  The second point I would make is that on this day in addition to reaching the ominous number of 4,000 U.S. troops killed in Iraq, was also a day that saw the Green Zone being attacked by mortars.  To me it just seems obvious to anyone who looks at it honestly that things continue to go very badly; 4,000 dead and Green Zone under attack, on the same day, after five years of war, writing that has been on the wall from day one is still clearly evident, we are in a big mess.


Posted 3-21-08

Clinton-Obama Ticket

Shot Gun Wedding Solution


A joint ticket was hinted at a few weeks ago by Sen. Clinton in Mississippi . Obama quite correctly expressed his less than full enthusiasm for such a notion. After all, he was winning, at least as most people who know how to count figured it.  

But now that the video clips of Obama’s good shepherd are being viewed virtually round the cock by millions of Americans on TV and the Internet, Obama will not be given the nod by the Super-delegates to be at the top of the ticket.  

The Rev. Wright video clips are like the proverbial straw that broke the camels back and virtually assure Obama’s bid for President, at least in 2008, have been dashed. The videos rightly or wrongly will cast doubt on Obama’s “electability”. In the minds of the general public but more importantly in the minds of the uncommitted Super-Delegates who will make the final decision, a shadow of doubt has been cast.  

And yes I did see portions of Obama’s speech on Race, and read the entire text. I thought it was very good, some parts masterful.  But even if Obama had given the Sermon on the Mount, the I Have a Dream speech and Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech all rolled up into one glorious stupendous public address, it would still not get his cookies out of the oven over what Rev. Wright has said.    

Remember when the Obama campaign was hoping the voters of Ohio and Texas would vote in such a way as to indicate they had seen enough carnage and wanted the race to end?  Well now the voters will do exactly that. They will show by their votes they are ready to end it and to have Clinton become the presidential nominee.   

As the Democratic primary comes down the home stretch we can expect to see Obama’s stock crash while Clinton ’s rises. Instead of Obama losing in PA by 10 to 15 points, the margin will be closer to 30%.  

 In the results of other remaining state primaries the effects of the Rev. Wright clips will also clearly be seen. Toss up states like Indiana now go to Clinton by 20%.  States that Obama was set to win like Oregon will be close. The polls, primary results and trend lines will all be indicating the same thing, namely that the Rev. Wright videos have destroyed Sen. Obama’s run for the nomination; it’s just that simple.  The damage is so bad the Clinton campaign can’t even bear to watch and is staying out of it.  

What do you suppose the Super Delegates do when they see Obama’s numbers drop like a rock? Do they follow the advice of House Leader Pelosi and simply rubber stamp the delegate count? Or instead do they nominate the candidate they think has the best chance of beating Sen. McCain in November. You can bet the ranch on the latter.  

Keep in mind these uncommitted Super Delegates are uncommitted for a reason, and it has nothing to do with them not being able to make up their minds. These are the most cautious and calculating leaders in the party. No wild-eyed bungee jumpers in this group. No indeed, they know that by waiting they risk nothing and can herd together like a bunch of cows, and moving together one way or the other, determine the winner, and thus guarantee they are on the winning side. It is like knowing what the number is even before you spin the wheel. Sweet!  

But the Democratic leadership and the super delegates know that you can’t veto the delegate vote and give the nomination to Clinton unless Obama is the VP. They know there is no way they can cut Obama out entirely. Doing that would hand the White House to McCain with a big red bow on top. And that is why the Clinton campaign is not taking full advantage of the Rev. Wright clips; they know they are going to need Obama and his supporters down the line when they have bigger fish to fry than each other.    

I know some may say Obama will never accept being Clinton’s, number two. Or that even on the outside chance that he did, his supporters will never go for it. I respectfully disagree.  

Obama and his advisers will be looking at the same polls and primary results that everyone else sees.  And when they realize they do not have the number of Super Delegates needed to win and instead must choose between accepting second place or no place, they will do what they have to do. Obama will hold his nose, and swallow a bitter pill called defeat; and for the sake of his supporters, his party, his country and his convictions say thank you, I accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for Vice President of the United States of America .  

As for Obama’s committed and loyal supporters, some may lose heart and fade away from the battlefield of politics, but for most I would expect seeing their champion as the nominee for VP means the glass is half full, not half empty. In addition Obama would benefit from more experience and allowing the people he wants to lead to get to know him a little better.  

(I see a cartoon that could go with this piece- it is of Clinton and Obama in a shotgun wedding with the super delegates holding the shotguns,)

peace be with you 


Posted 3-16-08

The Presidential Ticket for the Democrats Will Include Both Obama and Clinton  

Predicting a joint ticket.

Both Obama and Clinton will be on the ticket as a result of the Democratic nominating process. Using the word “process” very loosely as in plan language it has thus far been a royal mess. It is fair to say the race has been hotly contested and as a result issues of experience (or lack thereof), gender and race, just to name a few, are currently causing a great deal of friction between the candidates and within the body of the party. And in addition it is also fair to say that both Obama and Clinton have plenty of bad baggage they carry with them leaving no shortage of ammunition for one to use against the other.

However bearing all this in mind, I respectfully suggest both will be on the ticket, win the White House, and lead a significant sweep of new Democrats into the hallowed halls of Congress.  

Here are three reasons why I expect a joint ticket:

 (1) Shared Primary Objective; 

After all is said and done the Democrats want one thing more than anything else; to win the White House. This objective trumps everything else. If Obama and Clinton have to eat a little humble pie to accomplish this (one or the other accepting the other as the number one; and one or the other accepting the other as the number two) they will do it, the party will demand they do it.  On the last night in Denver I see them together with hands raised. The crowd going  wild. This picture is the one most democrats would prefer to either of them standing with anyone else.

(2) Unbeatable Alliance;

They complement each other in several ways. One has strong support with the meat and potato folks, the elderly, Hispanics, and women; in a word one is strong with most of the “traditional” democratic base (maybe that was three words). The other is strong with the folks with college degrees, with higher incomes, left leaning independents and republicans, African Americans, the strong anti-war folks (many forget there were hundreds of thousands of Americans against invading Iraq from the start) and is remarkable with younger voters engaging politics for the first time in a big way, in a word, strong with both some traditional democrats with the advantage of pulling in some “new” democrats. Presently the race and the press is obsessed with the friction between these two camps, but in the end it will be reconciled by a joint ticket.

(3) Policy capability.

Finally it is evident that Obama and Clinton have the same basic position on the challenging issues of our time, such as the war in Iraq , the economy, healthcare, etc. I agree with those who say there is not really a frog hair bit of difference between them on the issues. This is not to suggest there are not some areas where there is a difference, there most certainly are. Notably one is comfortable with old school politics and has a more narrow nationalistic perspective while the other is trying new school politics and has a broader global perspective.    

Now a suggestion that Obama and Clinton will be on the ticket together begs the question who will be number one on the ticket and who will be number two. You may be quite surprised by my response which I will post within the next few days.


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