Reigning P61 Champions Byron PK
FC Rossy's superb season continues as they bet Byron 1-0! Both Rosy and Stanion are the only clubs lookin like they can
challenge the Byrons and mayb just mayb theres an outside chance for dem to wrestle the title out of Byrons hands but dont bet on it, I wudnt! Its bein a very good season tho 4 Rossy and Stanion and if they can finish in the top 4 den they shud b pleased! Smurf FC still look odds on to take Div. 2 tho there lead was cut back 2 6 points after bein held to a 2-2 draw at home by Neverton!
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Club Ply Pts
Byron Park 34 78
Byron Pk Res 34 76
Stanio Owls 34 71
FC Rossy 34 67
Newcastle WE 34 65
Club Ply Pts
Smurf FC 34 77
Poolsharks 34 71
Palm Bay 34 68
Foreverton 24 65
Club Ply Pts
Fenham 34 79
Hearty Rock 34 70
Stable End 34 70
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Reignin Champions of P46 Holston Utd have gotton off 2 an unbelievably poor start and look like they have already
Reigning P46 Champions Holston Utd
surrendered their title after only 8 games played! Both Roding sides have got off 2 a flyer as have NFC Crawford who after a poor season last time round look like they r ready 2 show P46 wot a great manager they have! Fairfield FC look a team in real trouble reports indicate the manager has failed to pay player wages and the club look set for relegation!
Club Ply Pts
Roding United 8 21
Roding Rovers 8 20
St Maestro 8 19
NFC Crawford 8 17
DE H Extreme 8 17
Club Ply Pts
Wakering Rov 8 20
Bonzwag Fly 8 19
Brighton Hove 8 17
Chapel Gunners 8 17
Club Ply Pts
Mexx Man 8 21
Aberdeen 8 19
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NFC Crawford P46

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