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Our charter is as follows:

1.) What's the name of the Guild?:
World of Dreams.

2.) What is the address of the Guild's web page?:

3.) Give the Guild's email address:


4.) What is the Rah's Furcadia name?: Perrin Golden.


5.) What are the names of the Tahneests/Tahneestas?: Jiheb.


6.) List the Guild's ten Charter "Founding" members:


Perrin Golden
Twilight Missy


7.) What is the Guild's dream title?: World of Dreams.


8.) Location: Upon entering the Imaginarium, follow the large stone path South-East till the two grey obelisks. Turn left and follow the path North-East, between the two small pools of water. Stop. On your left, is World of Dreams. (see dream page on website for screenshot)


9.) How does somebody go about joining this guild?: Submit a character sheet using the Character Creation page and getting it approved by a Rah or a Tahneest.


10.) What is this Guild's Continuity called?: The world of the Wheel of Time novels.


11.) What style of play does the Guild encompass?: This Guild is for Roleplaying using our own rules, AD&D 3rd Edition rules, plus online dice as needed.


12.) What is this Continuity's Tech Level?: Late Medieval Era (Towns, guilds, colleges, primitive gunpowder, printing).


13.) What are the types of characters this Continuity supports?: algai'd'siswai, nobles, armsmen (guards, soldiers, mercenaries, bounty hunters), wanderers (rogues, thieves, merchants, explorers, outlaws, gamblers, thugs, peddlers, traveling scholars, Tuatha'an), channelers (wilders, Aiel Wise Ones, Accepted, Aes Sedai, Atha'an Miere Windfinders), psionics (dreamwalkers, foretellers, viewers, animal empaths).

14.) How do you handle combat?: Combat is done using AD&D 3rd Edition rules as well as online dice.


15.) Backstory: This is a world using the Wheel of Time novels as a backdrop for the roleplaying and monsters encountered. A world in fear of the Dark One, his Forsaken followers, and darkfriends, fear of those that wield a strange power known as channeling. Female wielders of the One Power are feared but male channelers are stuff of nightmares, with stories of them going mad and breaking the world.

Geography and Biome: Aringill, the starting town on the edge of two kingdoms of Andor and Cairhien, next to a large river in a 4 seasons zone.


17.) Describe the most powerful magic items:
1. Callandor - The Sword That Is Not a Sword, the Sword That Cannot Be Touched. A crystal sword held in the Stone of Tear, in the chamber called the Heart of the Stone. No hand can touch it except that of the Dragon Reborn. According to the Prophecies of the Dragon, one of the major signs of the Dragon's Rebirth and the approach of Tarmon Gai'don will be that the Dragon Reborn has taken Callandor.
2. Choedan Kal - Both sa'angreal were made before the War of the Shadow in the Age of Legends and was in part the reason why the Dark One's prison was broken, freeing it's power onto the world. These sa'angreal, when used together, are believed to be strong enough to make or break all creation.

3.The Horn of Valere - A Horn said to summon the spirits of the dead heroes of legends to fight the Dark One's armies at Tarmon Gai’don.
These four items are controlled by the Rah and Tahneests. As for minor magic items, they can be given to players only by the Rah or a Tahneest.

18.) List up to 10 Restricted Slots:
A Well Known Aes Sedai: Elaida a'Roihan
A Famous Dark Friends Hunter/Questioners: TBA
The Chief Children of the Light: Galen Darkstar
A Champion of Evil: Moridin "Death"
Dark One Faction Head: Mr. Shaidar Haran
Good Aes Sedai Faction Head: TBA
A Well Known Illuminator: TBA
A Powerful Warrior: RavenBlade
Queen of Andor: Morgase Trakand
A Famous Barkeep: Belveck

19.) What are the different factions that exist in this Continuity?:
1.The Aes Sedai (Wielders of the One Power)
1a.The Novice
1b.The Accepted
2.The Warder aka Gaidin (Brother to Battles)
3.The HOA (House Of Assassins)
4.The Nobles
5.The Childern of The Light (Whitecloaks)
5a.The Questioners
6.The Armies of The Dark One (Shadowspawn)
6a.The Forsaken
7.The Aiel
7a.The Aiel Wise Ones
7b.The gai'shain ("Pledged to Peace in Battle")
8.The Tuatha'an aka Tinkers (the Traveling People)
9.Civilians (Commoners)
10.The Illuminators
11.The Sea Folk aka Atha'an Miere (People of the Sea)
12.The Band of the Red Hand (Shen an Calhar)
13.Asha'man ("Guardian" or "Defender")
14.The Seanchan
16.The Kin

20.) Character Sheets: We have Character Creation section on the website that explains the rules of filling out a character sheet for the Guild.


21.) Plot Assumptions: All events which happen outside World of Dreams continuity do *not* affect the storyline in World of Dreams. Please do not bring items, stories, and the like into the World of Dreams Continuity. No new races are allowed, unless authorized by the Rah or a Tahneest. New classes may be accepted, although they must be authorized. All new members must give a brief description of their backgrounds before joining.


22.) OOC Areas: The bar across the bridge is an OOC area. you can simply switch from OOC to IC by stating “From this point, OOC (or IC).”


23. Guild Positions: These are suggested positions that are helpful to have when forming and running a Guild. These are mostly OOC positions and may not effect the roleplay inside the Guild.
   * Webmaster: Perrin Golden, Jiheb
   * Dream master: Perrin Golden
   * Bot Master: BIG question mark
   * Patch Master: Scouts and Perrin Golden
   * Dreamholders: Perrin Golden, Jiheb
   * Recruiter: Perrin Golden, Jiheb
   * Training Master: Jiheb
   * Advertising Agent: Perrin Golden, Jiheb
   * Events Planner: Perrin Golden
   * Dream Security: Perrin Gold, Jiheb