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Furres are the most numerous and widespread creatures in the lands, with many different backgrounds and abilities. They can live in the most harshest lands and they are also the only known race of creatures in the world able to channel the One Power. No door is closed to the Furre race with the ability to be good or bad as well as indifferent.









The race of Ogiers tend to stay and live in isolated areas called “steddings”. The Ogier are very large, tending to be from 9’ – 11’ tall, very strong, and have a very long lifespan; they have been known to live for over 1000 years. The physical characteristics are a broad, almost snout-like nose, and long, tufted ears. A special ability that a very small part of the Ogier population (5%), is the ability to Sing wood to shape it and do great works with it from song.