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Weave Descriptions


Each weave description follows the same format. This section discusses that format and some of the fine points of how weaves work.

            Name: This is the name by which the weave is generally known. Weaves might be known by other names in some locales, and channelers (especially wilders) often have different names for their weaves, such as comfort of the hearth instead of warmth.

            Listed with the name are the Affinities related to the weave. Following that is a parenthetical note stating whether the weave is common or rare. Common weaves are known  by many channelers, and can be easily learned by interacting with other channelers or even figured out from scratch. Rare weaves are closely held secrets, which can only be learned from those few who know them. There are also “lost” weaves – secrets from past ages lost to the modern tradition of channeling. They can only be learned from a few master channelers, such as the Forsaken or the Dragon Reborn himself.

            Level: This is the relative power of the weave, ranging from 0 level through 1st level up to 9th level or higher. Many weaves can be cast at multiple levels, having different effects at each level (as indicated in the weave description). Remember that if you have all of the weave’s Affinities (listed with the weave name), you may treat the weave as if it were one level lower than it is.

            For example, the level entry for heal is “0-4.” That means it can be cast as a 0-level, 1st-level, 2nd-level, 3rd-level, or 4th-level weave. Its Affinities are Air, Spirit, and Water. If your caster has Affinities for all three of these powers, the effective level of heal for you is actually 0-3: You can cast it as a 0-level weave for either the listed 0-level effect or the 1st-level effect, cast it as a 2nd-level weave to get the listed 3rd-level effect, or cast it as a 3rd-level weave for the 4th-level effect.

            Some weaves also list either special effects or circumstances by increasing the level of the weave or circumstance that allow you to treat it as a lower-level weave. These special issues are mentioned in the descriptive text. For instance, light is a 0-level weave that creates a glowing sphere of light, which you must normally hold in your hand. But the description adds: “+1 Casting Level: You create the globe of light in a fixed location…” You can set the location of the light, instead of holding it in your hand as you normally must, by treating the weave as 1st level instead of its normal 0 level.

            A weave’s casting level – the level at which you cast it – affects the DC for any save allowed against the weave.

            Casting Time: The time required to cast a weave.

            Range: The maximum distance from you at which the weave can affect a target.

            Target or Targets/Effect/Area: This entry lists the number of creatures, dimensions, volume, weight, and so on that the weave affects. The entry starts with one of three headings: “Target,” “Effect, “ or “Area. If the target of a weave is “You,” you do not receive a saving throw. The saving throw heading is omitted from such weaves.

            Duration: How long the weave lasts.

            Saving Throw: Whether a weave allows a saving throw, what type of saving throw it is, and the effect of a successful save.

            Descriptive Text: This portion of the weave description details what the weave does and how it works. If one of the previous portions of the description included “(see text),” this is where the explanation is found.

            If the weave can be cast at multiple levels, the description usually includes a table listing the effects at each level. The listed effects are not cumulative. For example at 1st level, the weave foretell weather allows you to sense the weather two days into the future. At 2nd level, you can sense it up to two weeks into the future. These do not add up: If you cast foretell weather as a 2nd-level weave, you sense two weeks into the future, not two weeks and two days.



    Cloud Dancing

    Elementalism (continued)

        - Foretell Weather

        - Light

        - Harness the Wind

        - Move Water

        - Lightning

        - Tool of Air

        - Raise Fog

        - Wand of Fire

        - Warmth

        - Whirlpool



        - Bond Warder

        - Delve

        - False Trail

        - Heal

        - Pass Bond

        - Heal the Mind

        - Sense Shadowspawn

        - Renew

        - Trace

        - Sever

    Earth Singing


        - Earth Delving

        - Disguise

        - Earthquake

        - Eavesdrop

        - Grenade

        - Folded Light

        - Polish

        - Mirror of Mists

        - Riven Earth

        - Voice of Power



        - Arms of Air

        - Barrier to Sight

        - Blade of Fire

        - Circle of Silence

        - Create Fire

        - Dream Shielding

        - Current

        - Master Ward

        - Dry

        - Seal

        - False Wall

        - Shield

        - Fiery Sword

        - Strike of Death

        - Fireball

        - Ward against People

        - Harden Air

        - Ward against the One Power

        - Immolate

        - Ward against Shadowspawn