In The Beginning...

In 1979, I began playing AD&D with my friends and found a whole new world of fantasy and enjoyment.  By 1982, I felt I was ready to strike out on my own and create my own game world to Dungeon Master.  After several months of plotting, writing, drawing and sweating, I came up with Greyfeather.  I had drawn maps, designed dungeons, fleshed out dozens of NPC's, created a monarchy from the ground up and set up my house rules for this game world.  The fruits of my labor paid off, hundred fold.

My friends liked my game world so much that I didn't get to play much for quite some time, they had my DMing the game more than playing.  After 18 years, I've had more than 23 players who have played some 73 characters in the World of Greyfeather.  Most of those characters I turned into NPC's in my land to add color and more history to it.  I then discovered new avenues to open Greyfeather to the public, online role-playing clubs.  This made Greyfeather more accessible to others and the players I have found online added a new dimension to an already multi-dimensional game world.

This web site is dedicated to those who ventured across the land of Greyfeather, and lived to tell about it.

-Christopher Hood, July 2006

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