The World of Warcraft and Open Beta Account Creation sites are temporarily down. We didn't plan what we were going to do ahead, just like EVERY OTHER TIME and our site went down. Whoops, who'd of thought. We'll probably sit around our table drinking tea and eating crumpets while you sit at your computer mashing the F5 key. We quite frankly love to see you all suffer, so we might "Accidently" spill some of our tea on the game servers. Also, addressing the question of whether the open beta will carry over to the retail: We know the answer, we just won't tell you until the game is released. But hey! You're our customers, and we have to treat you like scum! Thank you for your patience.

Please note that until we get off our fat asses and push the "On" button, any further World of Warcraft updates will be posted on our Web site.