World of Wilcox

March, 2002
Wilcox News Service
Carlisle, PA. 

Crystal just finished the winter swimming season with the Carlisle YMCA  swim team.  The Mako's had a very successful season taking the Central Pennsylvania Aquatic League's District Championship.  Looks like she'll be swimming with Randolph Macon Academy's High School team next year as an 8th grader.  Follow the Crystal link for more pics and brags.

Toni has become a quilting addict and hopes to get a few more finished before going back to work.  Follow her link for pictures and more on her current projects.

John is nearing graduation from the War College and will be returning to Ft. Belvoir in July.

The pets are spoiled, as usual.  Avoid their link if you don't like over indulgent, anthropomorphic, references to shedding fur bearers.

Aloha from Pennsylvania,
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Crystal at her first swim meet, Pearl City, Oahu
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