The Cast.


Me.  I'm on this trip purely for the chicks.  Oh, and the fact that I get to ride two top-ten roller coasters, see  two excellent 3-D movies, and ride the coolest amusement park ride ever.



Wes.  He's on this trip purely for the chicks.  Oh, and to blah blah blah.  The chicks mainly though.





Roscoe.  He's Wes's grandpa.  We stayed with him.  He's the coolest truck-driving grandpa in Florida EVER!


Ontario people (Ontarians?).  We never actually talked to anyone that we knew was from Ontario, but from the number of Ontario license plates we saw, we figured there was a convention in Florida, and all of Canada was invited.


This is my car.  It's a 1992 Oldsmobile Achieva S.  It got us there and back.  That's all I ask for from a car.


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