Matt's Ride Ratings for Disney MGM Studios

Here's the skinny on the ride ratings:


Short description.  This is where I give you the basics on the ride.

Type of Ride: This should be pretty self explanatory.  If you have a question about the type of ride (if you don't know what 'dark rides' are) shoot me an e-mail.  I'll try and explain as best I can.

Fun for:  Who is going to enjoy this ride.  And maybe who isn't.

Fear Factor:  This is a scale of 1-10 as to how scary the attraction may be.

It's worth waiting:  How long is the maximum you should spend in line for this ride.  If you stand in line longer than the suggested time, the ride may not be worth the wait.

Matt's Rating: My own personal 1-10 rating scale for amusement park rides.  Occasionally I'll give more than a 10 or less than 1.  It's based on a complex mathematical formula, ancient Chinese prophecies and sunspots.  You guessed it.  There is no method to the madness.  If the ride is rated more than a 5, ride it at least once.  If the ride is rated more than 8, do it twice or more.  If you like a ride I hate, ride it as many times as you like.

Note:  If a ride isn't listed here, I didn't ride it.

Star Tours

This is a great ride if you're a Star Wars junkie or enjoy motion simulators.  The ride's a little jerky, and it seems a little outdated compared to the rest of the stuff in the park

Type of Ride:  Motion Simulator

Fun for: Ages 8 and up.  Star Wars Fanatics.

Fear Factor:  4  

It's worth waiting: 30 minutes

Matt's Rating:  7

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

By far, this is the best theme park stunt show I've ever seen.  Huge movable sets, fantastic effects, and Indiana Jones.  It's a wonderful show.

Type of Ride:  Show

Fun for: Everybody.  

Fear Factor:  2

It's worth waiting: It's only on a few times a day.  Don't miss it!

Matt's Rating:  9

The Great Movie Ride

This is the Disney-MGM Studios attempt to remake Pirates of the Caribbean.  It has animatronics posing as famous Hollywood actors.  It's really quite creepy.

Type of Ride:  Dark Ride

Fun for: Movie Buffs.  People who appreciate life-like animatronics.

Fear Factor:  3 if you're normal.  8 if you're me.

It's worth waiting: 15 minutes

Matt's Rating:  4

Jim Henson's Muppetvision 3-D

It's really cool.  Statler and Waldorf watch the movie with you.  Sweetums also makes a live appearance. 

Type of Ride:  Show.  3-D movie with offscreen live action

Fun for: Everyone.

Fear Factor:  0.   It's the Muppets for Pete's sake!

It's worth waiting: 60 minutes

Matt's Rating:  8

Backstage Pass

This walking tour of Disney's television studios is pretty cool.  It has the sets from Home Improvement, and you can peek in on Sheena.  Which I've never seen.  But Gena Lee Nolin is a hottie.

Type of Ride:  Walking Tour

Fun for: Couch Potatoes who need some exercise

Fear Factor:  0.  Unless you have a Tim Allen phobia.

It's worth waiting: 30 minutes

Matt's Rating:  7

Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour

Let's go see where the Golden Girls live!  Yay!  Also see some cool props from popular films, and where a naked chick was during the filming of The House On Haunted Hill.  Also features some neat special effects stuff.

Type of Ride:  Walking/Riding Tour

Fun for:  Ages 4+

Fear Factor:  5.  There's some fire and some water here.  Some children might be scared in Catastrophe Canyon.

It's worth waiting: 45 minutes

Matt's Rating:  8

The Magic of Disney Animation

A tour of the Disney Animation Studios.  It's pretty educational.  You get to see a real live Disney Animator though, and if time permits, you can ask him questions about classified projects.  He won't comment though.

Type of Ride:  Walking Tour

Fun for: Ages 5+.  Kids younger than that may not understand what's going on.

Fear Factor:  0.

It's worth waiting: 25 minutes

Matt's Rating:  6

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

This is perfectly themed and executed.  It has some really cool special effects.  The drop is just an added bonus.

Type of Ride:  Dark Ride/Drop

Fun for: Thrillseekers.  People who want to be Thrillseekers.  People you trick into going on the ride.

Fear Factor:  9.  It's a big long fall in the dark.

It's worth waiting: 90 minutes.

Matt's Rating:  9.5

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

A great looping roller coaster with no lift hill.  You're launched 0-60 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds to start the ride.  Speakers in the headrest play Aerosmith tunes at top volume...if you can hear them over your own yelling and screaming.  Did I mention it's inside and in the dark?

Type of Ride:  Roller Coaster

Fun for: Thrillseekers.  People who want to be Thrillseekers.  People you trick into going on the ride.

Fear Factor:  8.  10 during the launch.

It's worth waiting: 120 minutes

Matt's Rating:  10

Overall Park Rating

Disney-MGM Studios

Disney-MGM Studios is worth a visit.  It has a couple of top-class thrill rides, and some great entertainment.  Much more fun for grown-ups than the Magic Kingdom.

Fun for: Everybody who has ever seen a Disney film.

Fear Factor:  2.

Matt's Rating:  7.5

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