Earn Big Money, No Experience Needed, Get Free Processing. I produce 50,000+ photos a year and have now been trading as a professional photographer for 8 years.




Earn big money, no experience needed, get free processing. I produce 50,000+ photos a year and have now been trading as a professional photographer for 8 years. When I started, I had no more experience than an amateur taking possibly 3 films a year on holiday, but now, I have bookings daily, weekly and monthly. In fact, I get more work than I can handle personally and I'm always training up more photographers. I sometimes have up to 14 people assisting me. It wasn't always this way. Once I knew how, it was easy to go from A-Z, but when starting out I fell into many pitfalls along the way, often costing me dearly. I have now personally taken up to 1,000 subjects in one day. Add it up any way you like - that spells a lot of money! I'm now well established and believe my career that I have built from scratch is continuing to expand and has made me financially secure. I now only work part-time, often having 4 months off a year.

This business venture can be operated from home keeping your overheads down and your profits up.

Now for the first time I have put all this invaluable information together on one video. It is the complete infinitive guide from start to finish. Remember, I'm not talking studying everyday, I'm talking about taking photographs that could be selling for you from the day you receive my "Full-time money, Part-time work" video. This is no hollow statement, I started making money from the very first day and will show you step by step, every step of the way. You will even be able to contact me in person if you wish.

Please note, this is not a degree course,that will take years to learn, it is a simplified concise approach to making real money in photography with little or no experience using a fairly standard automatic camera. Your current camera will probably do to start with, and a flash would be helpful but not essential to start with. As soon as you get going you will be able to choose the camera you really want, not the one you have to choose because of the cost. I believe it's not the hours you put into your work, but the work you put into your hours. In my view it is essential to have real "quality time" spent with your family and friends, holidays where you want, and you pursue what you want from life. In other words, you should be enjoying life to the full. If your not, your doing it wrong.

Make no mistake getting into photography can be very difficult if you go via the conventional manner. I knew many "would be" photographers stopped in there tracks, because they had no experience or had not got the necessary qualifications needed just to get off the starting line. This is a unique entrance and insight into the world of photography. Its doesn't matter whether your young or old, meek or bold, my video will be a great source of information to you, whether you decide to get straight into action or want it in your collection ready for a rainy day. Even if you are looking to take the conventional path to photography you could well gain invaluable tips that will enhance your chances when trying to impress a would be employer.

I now get regular orders via the mail with cheques that I bank daily. If you don't believe you can make it in photography, you can't. But if you believe you could if you knew how, then my video is for you.

If you decide to go for it and really want to succeed in photography, reaping the financial and personal job satisfaction rewards along the way, (as I am) it would be great to hear from you as you progress further into your chosen profession. You never know you may still appreciate a little encouragement or advice along the way, and the rest of us may learn one or two things from your experiences. You never know you could even end up on our team. We are currently looking at expanding on an international basis.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dave Quinn currently teaches social photography on a regular basis and has been for the last 7 years. He formed CVOP (Charities & Voluntary Organisations Partnership) in the UK 8 years ago and has advised over 3000 people how to make substantial income from their photographs. He has worked largely with children's, sports and social photography, including wedding and portrait photography. His work has been exhibited to over 100,000 people with most organisations booking annually.

What's Next After reading the above normally you would be told, "Rush your money to" etc. etc. personally I don't always think that's a good idea. I think it's a much better move to read over what has been said many times and decide if you really want to make it in photography. So you're not under pressure to spend, spend, spend. Having said that and you really think photography is for you (or your an existing photographer looking to increase your work) then you will be pleased to hear my video will not break the bank.

What We Offer: We have now produced a video covering all the essential stages and key points on one complete tape, so you avoid the pit-falls and go straight to results that make phenomenal money yet costs you pitons. Seven years ago I started in photography when I had only holiday snap experience (2 or 3 films a year), on my second year of trading I employed 14 people part-time and many more volunteers helped as well. Believe me, if I can do it so can you, if you really want to. My video “Part-Time Work, Full-Time Money” could well get you on the ladder of success in the most exciting profession in the world. Whether you use it as a complete plan towards your ultimate goal or keep it on the shelf as a reference or inspiration if and when your drive is flagging.

PLUS FREE: 100 Other Ways to make serious money in photography;

How you never need to pay for Processing again;

How to Get FREE Advertising;

How to Double and Treble Your Photographic Income;

and 6 Months Help Line Via E-mail.

The Video (Inc.P.P.) costs only £20 Sterling and currently includes all above free. Obviously I want you to do well from this venture so you tell others, so if I find anything else that I feel may assist you, I’ll try and include it free as well. To order your video please send mailto:cvop@aol.com marking it “Please reserve video” and forward moneys (cheque) to: CVOP, PO Box 64, Dartford, Kent DA1 1ZH. 

Due to the success of Teaching pupils “hands on” I now hold two day courses on “Photo Marketing And Manipulation” The Course fee is £500. Remember if you are currently out of work you may be eligible for a grant, see your local job club or job centre. If you are interested please send mailto:cvop@aol.com Please mark it “Course Details Please” If you would like to see one of our Web Sites mark it “CVOP Web Site Address Please”.

We may soon be offering "business set up". Where we set up your business completely and get it up and running ready for action. The cost for this service would be £15.000 Sterling, for full details please e-mail.

Remember; If You Think You Can, You Can.



Thanks for your time and good luck in your chosen profession.

Dave Quinn www.Worldphotographers.com

P.S. Mention this site and I will also produce a web site FREE for you.