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Some people have chosen to use my World Memorial Ribbon on their websites. I am truly flattered. I have listed, here, websites where the World Memorial Ribbon has been used. Some are memorial websites and others are people's websites where they would like to show their support for the World and it's tragic loss. I hope you will take the time to visit them.

Thousand Cranes Internet Peace Project
Veteran Advocates
Made with TLC
Made with TLC - Tribute to Firefighters and Police Officers
Treated with Care and Joy
Joan's PSP Stuff

There are still many more people who have written to me to let me know that they didn't have websites, but would like to use the World Memorial Ribbon in their
e-mail stationery.
If you are using my World Memorial Ribbon, I hope you, too, will let me know where and how you are using this ribbon.
Thank you!

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