2003 World Figure Skating Championships: My Diary
Diary of the 2003 World Figure Skating Championships
The Rookie Experience

Chinatown, Washington, D.C.

Some of the best times I've experienced in a long while came from March 21 through March 30 in the year 2003. The World Figure Skating Championships in Washington, D.C. created a real highlight for me.

In my world, there are predominantly two sports - figure skating and baseball. The rest is just icing. So, alongside Lifetime movies, an A&E classic or reruns of my favorite older television series, these sports are my selections when viewing TV. Their seasons fall opposite each other, so it works out fine. Most people in my circles find my interests a bit peculiar. I'd been to the Home Run Derby of an All Star Game and some regular season games. I'd been to some Champions on Ice tour shows a few years back and really enjoyed it. I had developed a curiosity for experiencing a live competitive figure skating event with:

  • a wide range and variety of skaters
  • the ability to toss a flower or stuffed animal onto the ice
  • the element of Kiss & Cry and seeing skaters' live reactions
  • viewing of a medal ceremony
  • the general tension and possibilities that a competitive environment can bring

    So, a few years later, my paths found the MCI Center, found the Convention Center and found an adventure in which I had little idea what to expect.



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