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The basic strategy of the game is to score more runs than the rival team. The most important of all being the batting order, the manager of the respective team decides the order. While scheduling the players, the manager considers the potency of each player and arranges them in the order of their highest probability. Keeping in view the crucial moves of the game the substitutions for batters or pitchers at strategic points is permissible. For this it is not necessary for everybody to know. The teams beckon that allows course of action to be conveyed among manager, coaches, and players without the opposing team�s knowledge

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Getting on base.

 A batter endeavors to get on base either by a safe hit or a walk better known as a free pass. Once on base, the player along with teammates advances to home plate. If the next batter gets another safe hit, the first may advance more than one base at a time. A player may also hit a sacrifice bunt or a sacrifice fly. A long sacrifice fly to the outfield often allows a base runner to score from third base. A base runner may also advance by stealing a base.




 Pitching involves immense intellectual and muscular power. It includes the co-ordination of speed, control, and the ability to put movement on the ball. An ideal game is one in which a pitcher doesn�t permit any member of the rival team to reach first base. In June 1938, Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds pitched two consecutive no-hitters. After his retirement Nolan Ryan became the career leader in no-hitters with seven. The summit of success for a starting pitcher is to win 300 games in a career. Left-handed pitchers are usually more proficient against left-handed batters. Pitchers generally need in any case two or three days of break between each full game



The home run is the most thrilling hit from the viewpoint of the viewers as well as the batters. Hitting facilitates the batter and all the runners on the bases to score. Babe Ruth was one of the greatest home-run hitters. He hit 60 home runs for the New York Yankees in 1927. Numerous excellent batters hit more than 50 home runs. In the 1920s, �30s, and �40s the batters were having an upper hand. Leading batters in both leagues generally averaged better than .350 and sometimes higher than .400. Ty Cobb had the highest career batting average; he retired with career-high 4191 hits, which remained unsurpassed for five plus decades. Pete Rose retired with 4256 hits.