And now is the time to close my eyes and rest.


New site:  SARANG ULER, a Kaidoh Kaoru fansite.  Did I say I was busy?  Oh yes I am!


This blog is still under hiatus.  But I have opened a new review blog: 200 Couches.  Only reviews, no really-personal thoughts.  Go there, have fun!


Well, you know what, folks, I'm putting this blog to a rest.  A hiatus.  A hibernation.  Whatever you call it.  It's just that I have been too busy lately, sometimes I don't have enough energy and time to keep this blog running.  And even more sometimes, I don't know what to say or write to you guys.  And I have somewhere else to pour down my thoughts. 

You can always e-mail me, or tag me (you can see the tagboard in previous entries, for instance here), or fill my guestbook.  ^__^

Or you can perhaps meet me in the TCTC BBS, RadioUFO, or Evolusi.  I frequently visit those forums and have conversation there.

And although my blog is in hiatus, it doesn't mean my other sites are.  I will update them whenever I can.  They are as following:


++Seigaku Wives Club++
The club for Seigaku wives.  What else?  I'm Kaidoh's wife.

The fansite for The Cooper Temple Clause's Didz Hammond.
++Envy of Angels++
The fansite for Hirotaka Kisaragi's Innocent Bird.
The fansite for Shed Seven.
The fansite for Akechi Kengo and Takato Youichi of Kindaichi series.

Some specials:
Daft Graphics
GetBackers scans
Manics video caps

These following sites have been on hiatus too.
((Museum Mile))
((Old guestbook))

I'm still a member of these following:
Didzy YahooGroups
IYF: (Akechi x Takato)
ISF: (Jones x Tong)
Shed Seven Online Team
Team Cooper

The picture used in this layout is of Midou Ban and Amano Ginji from the series GetBackers, by Ayamine Rando and Aoki Yuuya.  Scanned from the cover of tankoubon #13.  Retouched by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
The words are from the song Sleep by Marion.

Well, see ya later folks, in a different time and space.

Tyas Palar