Worldwide Friendship
Hello everyone and you are very welcome to Worldwide Friendship.
I have decided to create this site for those who are interested in making friends from around the world. Making new friends will help to give you a more open mind of what the world is really like. By doing this we will learn about different race's, religions, languages, cultures and so much more.
The world isnt always as it appears to be on the news, there is so much more out there and meeting new friends helps bring that back to focus. In order for this site to be successful in its service i will need your help by adding your details to the list for others to enjoy and it will help create your corner of the world. There is also a section for swappers.
The more people who help out the more penpals/swappers to search.
I hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to
contact me if you have any queries, suggestions or you may have come across some broken links.
Please come back for more updates etc.
Love from Melissa.
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