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here are Preston fans all over the world.  But there are even more folk who don't know they're Preston fans... yet!    We must enlighten these poor souls and help them to take their rightful place in the world.

Some supporters have begun to arrange things so that even more pleasure can be had from being a follower of the finest Football Club in the World.  In some places ... e.g. Australia, North America, Ireland . . and now - even in England, the 'locals' have organised the occasional get-together in order to chat about all things Preston.  Some have their own pages/discussion forum.

Fancy a Chat?

Some World-Wide-Whites get together for an online conference during PNE games, listen to commentary and chat far more learnedly than any PNE manager in history about team selection, tactics, statistical analysis and (mostly) ... recipes for black pudding etc.  Wanna know how?  Then read ....  Chatting for PNE    A beginners guide to joining our match-chat sessions. Listen to commentary and talk to other worldwide Nobbers at the same time!

Fancy more than a chat ?

You might like to join a mailing list for worldwide PNE supporters at the  Lamb & Flag

Australia and New Zealand

PNE fans in this part of the world have their own mailing list and website for  Whites Downunder