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Introduction To The Site
Welcome to the Worldwide Westlife Pen Pal Site.
The new site for making Westlife pen pals across the world
Well ya know how everyone likes having pen pals, someone to write to about their favourite hobbies. Well my best mate and I on the Official Westlife Message Boards decided that we wanted to set up some sort of westlife pen pal site so people who want a Westlife pen pal can send their details to us and we match them to another pen pal with the same interests! After asking about this idea on the boards and getting a good response, we decided to go ahead with the website and here we are that very site.
It is open to all nationalities of fans and open to all ages.
Therefore, have a look around and make new friends!!

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Name: Worldwide Westlife Penpals Site

Since: February 12th 2004

Version: 1 - Written In The Stars

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Last Update: 22nd March 2004 by Sarah & Zoe
22nd March 2004 - 1:38am

Thought this needed to be updated so here we are. Added more members on the "Our Members" Page. We have matched all penpals but go and check them out still to see if anyone catches your eye!!!
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