World Wide Wizard World
Hello! Welcome to World Wide Wizard World! I'm Mooolly Cowney, your Headmisstress and Ministress of Magic. We're finally at a permenent location! We're under construction, but we will always be adding more and more, right? Well, below is a little bit of info for you to check out if this is your first time here.

1. If you are new, then click the New Students link. If you're not new, then you know what to do.
DO NOT try to cheat. There ARE passwords, everywhere! So please, stick to where you're supposed to be.
2. No cursing. You can't do anything unappropriate. I want this to be a G rated website. You do something or say something I don't think you should, you're out. Expelled. And you won't be able to come back.
3. I can't spell, so just sound things out.
4. This site is still under construction, so if you hit a dead end I'm sorry.
5. WWWW means World Wide Wizard World.
6. We use money here. But it's fake. All you get is an internet item. Can't do anything outside of WWWW. So the money we use is just made up. Besides, everything here is free!

That's it! Everything you need to know, I've told you. So go and have fun!
New Students
The Wizard World
Recent WWWW Updates:
8/11/04- Maps, maps, maps! Plus some cool pics for the commen rooms!
4/4/04-Two new magazines! Check them out!
10/16/02-E-Owls are now ready for use! Please join today. It is free!
Old Homepage
~OMG!!! As part of the Official Harry Potter Webmaster thingy, they've made games for us webmasters to use! So as soon as I get them to work, you can play a Whomping Willow and Knight Bus game!!!
~Yahoo! I've finally made a map of Hogwarts. There might even be a Marauder's Map somewhere, too! ;-)
~Term will begin  Wednsday, September 1. Be sure to sign up!
New News:
Free Tell A Friend from Bravenet Free Tell A Friend from Bravenet
The Sometimes Daily Prophet
Term Will Start September 1. Be sure to get your supplies!
The Muggle Place
Witch Weekly
WWWW will no longer be updated. That is, if you sign up, buy objects, do homework, or anything, it won't count. You can still explore the school and have fun with what's there, but I no longer have the time to regularly update the school. I am considering starting another school, but plans are suspended until further notice. I'm really sorry about this, but I just wasn't getting enough people to make this worthwhile. If you have any ideas on how to get more people interested, I'm open to them. Maybe then I will continue to run the school.