I regret to inform anyone who is looking for THE GEIN SHOP, that it has been removed by Geocities.  I can be contacted at this email address:  sseverson@mwt.net

I would also like to extend my greatest appreciation to whomever reported my site to Geocities.  The money which I was making was helping to get me into college.  I truely hope that you feel better about yourself, knowing that you have shutdown a gateway for a less advantaged young person's future.  I am not a fortunate person, and do not have a free meal ticket in life.  This was my way into bigger and better things.

Once again, Thank you so much!

I will be working on restoring my website, sans The Gein Shop aspect...:-(

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Gein Shop
Since as of right now, there is nothing left of The Gein Shop, I will post some photos of some women who I think are nice looking and would like to share with all of my friends.

Just click on the photo for the next!!!
PS- If anyone is interested in donating to my college fund, email me!!!  Since I no longer have a business to make money from, I don't know what I will do to pay the bills!!!!  Thanks!