Wormsoft My fake video game company that makes video games and only has one staff member, me!

WORMY LAND DANCE See your favorite Mario characters dance!!!


Cheapamount: The Cheapest Movies What new movie will cheapamount come up with next? this is your chance to find out!

Got To Take a P The evil Super Duper Bush has messed up this comic. How will Joe, Stan and Naznuff Save it?!?

Book of Powers The list of powers for Joe, NazNuff and Stan.

??? The dumbest comic yet! Shows where everyone will be during the comix.

Fartman's First Strike The first appearance of the evil Mr. Fartman in these comix. This is only part 1!

Fartman's First Strike Part 2!

Once Opon A Mountain Of Cheese The evil Princess Cheese Waffle is trying to take over cheese mountain. How will she be stopped? This is only Part 1!

Once Opon A Mountain Of Cheese Part 2!

Once Opon A Mountain Of Cheese Part 3!!

After A Few Years... What happens to the characters after a few years, or so it seams.

Meeze And Kiina The evil Dokkter D. is sending his creations to a famous skate park. Only a few pro skateboarders can stop him now. This is only Part 1!

Meeze And Kiina Part 2!

Meeze And Kiina Part 3!!

Meeze And Kiina Part 4!!!!

Mario World Sk8 Boarding The Photo Edition!

Send in the Clones Discover the origin (and stuff) of the Wormyland "clone" army. This is only Part 1!

Flash Movies! (Require Flash)

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Super Mario Wallpaper! Plus many others.

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