RNC CHAIRMAN ED GILLESPIE: I think if the allegation is true, to reveal the identity of an undercover CIA operative -- it's abhorrent, and it should be a crime, and it is a crime.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It'd be worse than Watergate, wouldn't it?

GILLESPIE: It's -- Yeah, I suppose in terms of the real world implications of it. It's not just politics.

[Source: Hardball (MSNBC - 9/30/03)]

I am offering this web domain for free to the person or people that I determine can best promote it so that it gets due media/press attention/publicity in order to highlight the seriousness of the offense of endangering the lives of U.S. intelligence personnel.

I would hope that this web address could be mentioned often in prominent media outlets to underscore the seriousness of the offense, in an effort to help Americans like myself voice our concern for our nation's security and see to it that those responsible for this breach of security are identified and held accountable.

I am just a regular guy who is very worried about how this investigation is proceeding--or NOT proceeding, and decided to launch this campaign on my own, without discussing it with anyone, and without any involvement in politics, other than trying to stay informed on a daily basis by reading newspaper reports and investigations on the internet, as well as signing up on the internet to participate in causes related to fairness that are important to me. I guess I could be considered sort of an "arm-chair activist", to borrow a description from sports. 

Please contact me if you would be interested (or have ideas about who might be interested) in spearheading an effort to build awareness using this web address, whether you are just one individual, or a member of a group that would like to take on this mission.

I don't want any kind of compensation; I just want to see that this URL/domain reaches its full potential. I hope to hear it repeated often and prominently, preferably on a daily basis throughout many forms of media.  It is too important an issue to let fade.  I am fed up with the lack of progress the investigation seems to be making, in terms of what I am able to find out about it through traditional media outlets.

The phrase, "worse than Watergate" has been uttered or written by persons on both sides of the aisle. If used more frequently and prominently, it could help return focus to this grave security matter. Doesn't anyone besides me think it should be uttered or written at least as frequently as such phrases as "Michael Jackson", "Laci Peterson", "Kobe Bryant", "Saddam's Capture", "Insider Trading", "Gay Marriage" (and the newest: "Janet Jackson's breast"), or whatever other phrase we're hearing/seeing repeated over and over in the news? Hopefully one day, the caption, "Spokesperson for 'Worse-Than-Watergate.com'" will appear in the media as frequently as the captions, "Ann Coulter", "Gloria Alred", "Mark Garagos", etc. We must learn from the lessons of others, those who helped popularize such phrases as "undermine the rule of the law", "media elite", "scandal-plagued", "enronization", etc., the lesson being: repetition, repetition, repetition. This issue is often crowded out of the headlines by such prominent phrases as "The War on Terror/Terrorism", "War in Iraq", "Terror Alert", etc.--all important topics but in danger of being exploited/manipulated by one side or the other in order to crowd out undesired attention on other issues facing our country.

Contact:  WorseThanWatergate@yahoo.com

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