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The courts divided the land of William Womack and gave l/3 to the widow (her dower) and 2/3 to Abraham Womack the brother.  At the time, this land was undivided.  Over the years they must have argued as to where the l/3 stopped and the 2/3's began, thus they took the matter to court (Lynn Collis post to Womack GenForum 17 Aug 2000)
On Page 23 Bk 3 of Henrico County Wills & Deed 1688-1697, p 5, Inventory of Thomas Shippy exhibited in court by Joseph Royall for Frances Shippy, relict and executrix taken by Martin Elam, Abraham Womecke and Edward Stratton.  Value 7960 lbs tobacco. Recorded 12 Oct 1688 (from Sam posted on WGN Message Page 1 Aug 2000)

Virginia Patent Book 8, Page 172 dated 20 Oct 1691:
John Wosham, Edward Straton and Abraham Womack -879 acres -Henrico County, "To all &c whareas &c now know yee that I ye sd ffrancis Nicholson Esqr. the ? Lt. Govr. &c give and grant unto Mr. John Wosham Mr. Abraham Womack a tract of land containing eight hundred seventy nine acres lying and being in ye County of land containing eight hundred seventy nine acres lying and being in ye County of Henrico at the mouth of a run known by ye name of ye Cold Water Run and runeth thence along that runn as it wendeth to ye head thereof to two corner pines thence east fifty six poles to a corner pine thence north west forty nine poles to corner white oake thence north by east ninety two poles to a corner Pocknay (?) thence west north west one hundred poles to a corner pine, thence west by south one hundred and eighty poles to a corner pine, thence north west by west eighty eight poles to a corner pine thence north west and by north sixty eight poles to a corner black oake thence north sixty eight poles to a corner white oake thence north west one and fifty poles to a corner black oake, thence west fourty eight poles to a corner pine, thence south west one hundred and eighty poles to a corner black oake standing on Swift Creeke thence down ye creeke as it wendeth to a place it begun.  The sd land being due unto ye sd Mr. John Worsham Mr. Edward Stratton & Mr. Abraham Womack by and for ye importation of eighteen psons &c To have and to hold &c To be held &c yeilding and paying &c provided &c dated ye 20th day of October Ano Dom 1691.  (Names of those transported) 5 negroes by Cert. granted Mr. Rich Kennon for seventy negroes by Henrico County Court April 1st 1690 Richard Lewis, Judith Lewis, Sarah Somerseals, Clemons Proveer, John Stewart, Wm Migettoe, James Butlidge, John Bull, Eliza, Pain, Tom, Nan, Peter, negroes.  (Source: Roger G. Womack & WGN site
In April of 1698, William Faber age 27 years of age gave a deposition stating that in the year 1692 he was employed by Mr. John Worsham, Jr. Thomas Stratton, and Mr. Abram Womack to clear one acre of land on a class called Coldwater Run in Henrico Co., being land taken up by Mr. John Worsham, Jr. Thomas Stratton, and Mr. Abram Womack.  (Henrico Co., VA Wills & Deeds 1697-1704, p 77)  This appears to be  the land described in the patent of Oct 1691.
On 15 Aug 1699 Mr. John Worsham & Mr. Abraham Womack, Sr. deeded to Edward Stratton, son of Edward Stratton, dec'd all of their right in l/3 of 879 acres.  The land located on the north side of Swift Creek, called "Coldwater Run" for which they were granted a patent on 20 Oct 1691. (Henrico Co., VA Deeds Bk 5, p 147) In the notes of Dorothy Tuttle: Edward Straton, Sr. died in Sep 1698 and son Edward Stratton, Jr. inherited all his father's land.  Because there was no relinquishment of dower with this deed for the wives of John Worsham and Abraham Womack, it would indicate that both wives were deceased)
When John Worsham purchased 200 acres of land on soth side James River from John Dawson, Abraham Womack was a witness.  (Henrico Co. Wills 1697-1704, p 328)
The Inventory of Thomas Ligon was appraised 7 May 1705 by Abra. Womack, Rob. Hancock, Arth. Mosely and William Womack.  (Neglected to cite a source)
Deed #67 pg 134 Abraham Womack, Jr., for love and affection, to my son, Thomas Womack, all my land on Coldwater Run and Swift Creek, 400 acres.  Witnesses: William Kennon, Arthur Mosely. Signed: Abraham Womack Recorded 1 Feb 17089...Film #1697555 Henrico Co., Virginia Deed (Submitted to WGN Message Page by Bob Erwin 25 Sep 2000)  Bob Erwin also wrote:  "Now Thomas Womack who married Mary Farley is always identified as the son of Abraham, Sr. who left his will in 1733.  It makes much more sense to me, considering the ages of Thomas's children, that he would have been born ca 1687, and coming of age when this deed was executed.  According to the age of her father, John Farley, Jr., Mary Farley could not have been born before 1690.  Also that the Abraham of the 1733 will was actually Jr."
On 1 Apr 1708 Edward Stratton, Jr. sold 193 acres back to Worsham and Womack and refers back to the patent of 20 Oct 1691.  (Henrico Co., VA Wills & Deeds 1697-1704 pp 351-352)
Will:  Will of Abraham Womack, 1733, Henrico Co., VA., Henrico County Deeds & Wills, No. 2 Part 1, 1725-1737, page 416:
In the name of God The said Abraham Womeck of the County and Parish of Henrico being Sick and weak but of sound and Disposing m(ind?)----this my last Will and Testament in writeing as followeth Imprimis, I give and Devise to ----my household goods which I left in his possession excepting a Suit of Curtains and ca(?)...also give my said sons Wife my Gown Item I also give to my said Son my Ca---W (?) Womack son of Wm Womack what money James Daniel owes me.  Item I give and Devise---eck my Two Negro Men Frank and York to him and his heirs forever.  I also give to my said Son---ay Money which I have in Mr. Perrys hands Excepting Forty Shillings.  I also give to my said Son----.  Item I give and Devise to my Grandson William Womeck Son of Abraham Womack my horse.  I give to my Son Abraham Two brown Cows and a brown Steer.  Item I give and Devise to my----a Hambleton one shilling Sterling and no more.  Item I give and Devise to my Son Thomas Womeck my negro Matt To him and his heirs forever.  I also give to my said Son the forty Shillings which I Expected to be sent for ing(y?)---I also give To my said Son Thomas my Bed and all the Furniture yt(?) belongs to it.  I also give to my said ----Brass Kettle.  I also give To my said Son one Trunk and all my new goods I have by me.  I also give my said---.  I also give To my Son Thomas all my Wareing Apparrel both Linning and Wooling.  I also give my----(Spinning) Wheel.  Item I give and Devise To my Son Abraham Womeck all my money which he has----also give to my said Son all my household goods not mentioned.  My Desire is to be by (?) Son Abrahams Discreation who I Constitute and appoint and appoint Whole and Sol Executor of---Will and Testament.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Affixed my Seal----November 1732.  /s/ Abraham A W Womeck (seal & mark)
Signed, Sealed and published, and Dec---Abraham Womeck as his last Will and----in presence of us, and this To take place before all oth(?)---ade by Me John Archer, Robert Graves, Sarah her X mark Cook
At a---at Vorina for Henrico County the first Monday in October 1733 This ---and Testament of Abraham Womeck Deceased, was presented by Ab--meck Executotor upon oath and the same being proved by the said Archer, and Sarah Cook, was thereupon admitted to record.  (Tesr. Bowler Cocke cl Cur)  Received from Jamie Ayres 10/27/1999 "The will was typed as it appears.  Because of it's age, it is impossible to read many parts.  Some of the words can be figured out, however, I chose to copy it exact as any addition could be in error-Roger Womack"  (Note by Dorothy Tuttle:  If this was the will of Abraham Womack, Sr. then he would have been about 93 years of age.  It is doubtful men lived to be that old back then)
GenForum post by Jamie Ayres dated 8 Jan 1999 reply to post of Kristi Simmons 30 Dec 1998 stated Abraham Womack b 1645 Henrico Co., VA d 1735 Bristol Parish son of William Womack and Mary Jane Evans Allen (a widow when she married William)
Post to WGN Message Page by Larry D. Hamilton Coats on 19 Aug 2000 wanted to confirm if Abraham Womack was md to Sarah Somerscales and if Abraham Womack was son of Wm Womack and Mary Jane Allen (widow) who md Wm. Womack in or about 1640.
Ancestral File part of has Abraham Womack AFN# 1ZMM-B5C b 1644/.1649 Henrico, VA died 1732/1733 s/o Abraham Womack & Mrs.  Abraham Womack md to Mrs. Womack AFN: ZMM-B6K Henrico Co., VA.  No children listed  (Submitted by Ronald True Womack, 340 Maple Creek RD, Franklin ID 83237.
There are three Abraham  Womacks listed on the Ancestral File which is part of on the internet who are the same person.  8KJD-5L; Z53G-2W; & 1ZMM-B5C
Abraham Womack AFN 8KJD-5L born 1645 of Henrico Co., VA s/o William Womack & Mary Jane Allen md 1) Sarah Worsham NHZH-F1 c 1661 2) Jane 1KX9-N5S abt 1686 VA; 3)  Sarah Summercales 1KX9-N77 & 4)  Sarah Somerchas 1WMO-GX2 .  Sarah b 1644 Henrico Co., VA d/o John William Worsham & Elizabeth Littleberry.
Children by Sarah Worsham:  1.  Jane Womack NHZG-SR md Henry Junior Pew & Henry Jr. Pew who are the same person. 2.  Thomas Womack b c 1664 Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA d c Dec 1732 Henrico Co., VA NHZM-J3; 3.  Thomas Womack b abt 1664 Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA d Nov 1732/1733 Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA md Mary Farley. (Both Thomas Womacks are the same person); 4.  Abraham Womack b c 1666 Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA d by Apr 1744 Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA md Jane.  5.  Martha Womack NHZM-NR b c1690 Henrico Co., VA d 1733 Henrico Co., VA
  Children by Sarah Summercals 1KX9-N77:  1) Jane WomackNHZG-SR b 1662 Bristoll Parish, Henrico, VA d prior Nov 1732 Henrico Co., VA (Comment by Dorothy Tuttle.  She is listed as having two mothers:  Sarah Worsham & Sarah Summercals.  Note the same Ancestral File Number); 2) Thomas Womack 1KX9-NBt b abt 1668; 3) Martha Womack 1KX9-NC2
Submitters are: Veoma M. Stahle, Orem, UT; Grace Bagwell, Manassa, Co; Wayne Calk, Stoutland, MO; Tom Puckett, East Ely, NV; Gary Brady, Marshfield, MO; Peggy Lou Ballew Lawton, Brigham City, UT; Rose Medford Parks, Avery, TX; Thomas Joseph Hester, Corona, CA; Jon Stuart Wammack, La Mesa, CA; Fleta Gail Childress, Corbin, KY; Pamela Jo Slinker, Eureka, CA; John W. Warnock, Chapel Hill, NC; Floyd Rollin Negley, Tucson, AZ.
   Abraham Womack AFN Z53G-2W b 1644 Henrico Co., VA d Oct 1732 Varina, Henrico, VA md Elizabeth
Somerchas 1660 AFN-Z53F-SK0 b abt 1648 England Children:  William Womack  Z53F-VW b 1666 Henrico Co., VA d abt 1762 Goochland, VA md Mary Womack; Abraham Womack Z53F-VW  b 1668 Henrico, VA; Jane Womack 1XH4-JNX  b 1669 Henrico, VA md Henry Pew; Abraham Womack 1XH4-JP5 b 1669 Henrico, VA d abt 1760 Goochland, VA  (Both Abraham Womack's are the same person); Thomas Womack b 1670 d 24 Mar 1732/1733 md Mary Farley abt 1712; Martha Womack b 1680 Henrico d 6 Oct 1758 Cumberland, VA md John Mosby 21 Nov 1708 Henrico Co., VA md James Hambleton bef 1725  (Submitted by Dorothy James Turner, 366 E 2nd No, Heber City, UT)
Abraham Womack 1ZMM-B5C born 1644/1649 Henrico, VA d 1732/1733 s/o Abraham Womack 1ZMM-BCL  & Mrs.AFN: 1ZMM-BDS md Mrs Womack AFN: 1ZMM-B6K.  No children listed.  Submitted by Ronald True Womack, Franklin, ID.
The following are notes on Sarah Worsham who is supposedly the wife of Abraham Womack:
Wayne Calk records, Wayne Calk, Stoutland, MD (Family Group Record,  John Worsham, Jr. - Capt who was b ca 1655 d Apr 1745 & wife unknown.  John Worsham, Jr. being s/o John Worsham & Elizabeth (Source:  Valentine Papers, Lived near N. Swift Creek, fm Carl Womack)  On the FGR it has Sarah Worsham  as daughter of John Worsham, Jr.  born 1644 & wife of Abraham Womack.  The 1644  birth date would be before John Worsham, Jr. was born)

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