worship notes
Hey guys! Welcome to Worship Notes! Worship Notes will be a monthly essay highlighting principles in, and trends of, worship.

  While the term "worship" captures the entire process of honoring God, this page will focus on the music of worship. This page won't be an outlet for waterWheel. (You can find that at And this page won't be a "I'm an all knowing worship leader who dispenses wisdom and perfection to all you nimwits trying to lead worship."

  No, this page will be my chance to share with some of my friends the stuff that some really smart people have taught me. Click on a link below to access Worship Notes!

todd wright
Defending Contemporary Worship (10/8/2001)
Go Against The Grain (10/25/2001)
Why We Sing by Bob Kauflin (11/01/2001)
The Melancholy Beat by Robert Conn (11/01/2001)
Welcome To the Big Show by Robert Conn (11/04/2001)
Teaching New Songs (11/06/2001)
Word Projection: Blessing or Curse? (11/07/2001)
Masqerading Fools by Robert Conn (11/08/2001)
Worship Notes CD Reviews (updated 11/14/01)