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Aug 11/03
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The Vision..
       Inspired by a call to unite Christians around the world starting in our schools, You Alone is a worship concert with the aim to empower and encourage. As many of us are entering universities or returning to schools, we have felt a burning desire to not see our flames for God lower to a tiny flicker. School IS a place for Jesus to be lifted high. The name, "You Alone," implies that Jesus is the centre of our lives, our stepping and corner stone. In anything and everything that we do in our lives, we aim to keep Him alone as our vision.

You! Aimed towards students
Worship concert and message
Thursday, August 28th, 2003 @ 6:00pm
Scarborough Chinese Alliance Church (SCAC) @ Finch/Midland (map to follow)
To encourage joy and fellowship with Christ above all else, a call not to forget our God in a place filled with so many influences.
We still need: 1-prayer, 2-videographer, 3-funding$$, 4-banner design, 6-ushers.
Jeff Smyth (people's church youth pastor)
Worship Meetings:
Thursday nights at Jasmine's house


The e-mail is checked on a daily basis. Any inquires will be replied to as soon as possible. Please be sure to include your phone number and church with any requests.


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Any questions or comments should be directed to Daphne Choi at You can come to this page for vital information on the event and basics. Worship team, click on "info" at the top of the page to view new messages and posts from Daphne.
God bless.