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December 31, 2001 -- 9:47PM Kero
Kero Hi! I'm the new Kero! Yeah. Oh ho ho! Hey, don't click on anything yet! The only reason we put this up was to show you that The Worst CCS Sites!! isn't dead or on hiatus or anything! We're up and running. So watch out! We're back! ...sort of ... Questions? Comments? If you still support us, please give us an email at See ya!

December 31, 2001 -- 1:23PM Sakura
Sakura Hey there! There are two important things you must know:

First: The old Kero was diagnosed with tuberculosis (she's extremely sick) and cannot maintain this site on her own. Plus, she's got school to deal with. So she gave me this site to manage.

Second: My real name is Sakura. I'm Japanese and Chinese! I love CCS and I want to root out all the icky sites there are. However, my morals and ethics are not like the old Kero's. I will use CLAMP manga for web graphics, as well as anime, just so you'd be warned. There are new Best!! and Worst!! and some freebies. The Worst CCS Sites!! is back! yay!