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Sometimes, you buy DVD:s that suck. I mean, they really suck. I'm not talking about the movies, but the DVD releases. You know, you find one of your favorite movies on DVD and since it's cheap, you buy it Then it turns out that the quality of the disch is terrible, sometimes worse than VHS. Why didn't somebody warn you?
Well, that's what Eyestrain is for. Finding those horrible DVD:s and telling you about them. And I want you to help me! Send me facts about the worst DVD:s you've bought or seen! I'm not interested in releases that are decent and watchable, but could have been a lot better - I'm looking for the ones with bleeding colors, crappy sound, full screen presentations with parts of the opening titles off screen... You get the picture.


Pidde Andersson
The DVD:s:
Chained Heat
Bay of Blood, Göta Kanal
Horror Express
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