Kids Having Fun

Last night some punk motherfuckers threw a rock through my car window (above). Considering they didn't take anything (there were hella CD's), I'm guessing it was just some kids on a Friday night or whatever. I vacuumed my car thoroughly, and I look forward to finding each and every sharve of glass I missed for years to come.

Thanks, kids!

114 | Saturday, 1 February 2002 | 3:50 PM


North Korean anti-American propaganda posters! Slide-show at Yahoo.

114 | Saturday, 1 February 2002 | 3:50 PM

Take Heed

If MS Scandisk tells you that the backup FAT doesn't match the FAT, and asks you if you want Scandisk to "repair" it, SAY NO.

Who Knew?

X According to an article, Sigmund Freud endorsed "Parke-Davis cocaine."

X There's a blog called Is Dick Cheney Dead Yet? It's funny: (Oct 12) "Dick Cheney is, as many have already surmised, hiding deep within the secure recesses and bowels of Colin Powell's big fat black ass."

X Black Entertainment Television (BET) has a news show, "BET Nightly News."


X In an interview, the author of Harry Potter books "apologized for depending on cigarettes. 'I'm a flawed role model,' she said." Since when does writing a children's book while living off welfare make you a role model? And smoking is not a flaw, dammit.

X Computer Games That Don't Exist, but Should. Such as "John Romero's Piece of Shit":

"The game lives up to its promises --- rendered in the Quake I engine, you try to destroy as many Ninja Zombies with a Laser Chaingun as you can before the game crashes."

X A guy over at Acid Logic wants you to take care of your hair. He makes a pretty convincing case in his column "A Supposedly Small Luxury That Doesnít Necessarily Make Me Gay."

Some people treat their hair like I treat my car. I beat the hell out of it, and when it needs maintenance, Iíll whore it around to any old service shop for the cheapest price. I could care less how well the service is performed, because it just isnít that important to me. You should never, EVER treat your hair that way. My big brother goes to Super-Sucks and for six dollars they run a trailer park haircut razor over his brain and he comes out looking like a cross between George Clooney and Sam Donaldson. Why would you do that to yourself?

X Oh, and in case you were wondering...Dick Cheney is not dead yet.


Tricky - Black Steel
Spiderbait - Calypso, Buy Me A Pony, Shazam!, Plastic

Deadsy -

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Life of Agony - Hope, Let's Pretend, Weeds
The Hives

113 | Tuesday, 4 June 2002 | 1:47 AM


* Would you like to see the founding fathers bust out in some hardcore gangsta rap? (Note: the other "episodes" suck.)

* Great Slashdot comment on damn near everything that's wrong with politics (by a guy who runs what may truly be the worst log ever).

* They just showed footage of some gay event on Fox News...and focused on the gay men. Note to Fox: I want to see lesbians, lesbians, lesbians! Naked and making out, preferably.


* My favorite band in the whole world The White Stripes will be performing on the MTV movie award show (June 6?), as will Eminem!!! Maybe I'm not completely out of touch. BTW: Here's a great live [on British radio] version of Hotel Yorba. I didn't even like the song much 'til I heard this version.

* Scumbags at Universal are considering releasing Eminem's new album on copy-protected "CD's". Fuck them.

* Turns out you can circumvent copy protection with a felt-tip pen (via Control-Alt-Delete news).

* Vanilla Coke tastes like a regular coke "float". Not that great.

112 | Sunday, 19 May 2002 | 8:14 PM

New Weezer Album

Tony Pierce welcomes the new Weezer album "Maladroit" into the world with a nice photo-enhanced essay. (Via the capital of Blogistan.)

Weezer's website is chock full of stuff. Videos, mp3's and even a Flash fighting game called "WEEZER FIGHT!"

What's my fave song on the new album, you ask? Keep Fishin'.

111 | Wednesday, 15 May 2002 | 1:23 AM

Rooftop Skating

* I've been playing a sweet little Flash game called Rooftop Skating for like 2 days straight. So...I guess I recommend it (you can play Osama in a Superman outfit if you want). The Official Worst Log Ever Rooftop Skating Level is below.

* You know what I hate about Arafat? He never blinks his eyes. It's creepy. On a related note, there's a nice essay (that should have been written by me) over at National Review titled Why Donít I Care About the Palestinians? It pretty much says that lots of people are suffering in the world and the Palestinians can't be helped. Blah.

* There's a good White Stripes song you may not have heard: "Hand Springs"

Official Worst Log Ever Rooftop Skating Level:


110 | Tuesday, 14 May 2002 | 7:23 AM