Worthington Women's Ministries
A ministry of the Worthington Seventh Day Adventist Church
70% of Seventh Day Adventists in America are women.

Our mision
To nurture women as an affirming influence for Christian growth and as a result, positively affect the people in their lives.

Our vision
A haven where every woman feels that she belongs. A place to be empowered spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Our plan
Foster relationships with women through small groups, open events, with emphasis on recruitment and follow-up.

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21 Days of
Intensive Prayer

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Groups and events include:
> Holiday ornament exchange
> Secret Sisters
> Women's Ministries Day
> Open Fellowship Events
> Moms at Worthington
> Music Makers
> Breaking Free
> Working Women
> Teen Sisters
> Auxiliary Aid
> General Study and Prayer groups
> Sisters claiming /reclaiming committee
> Baby/Bridal shower presentation
> Wellness group
> Retired Senior Women/ Red Hat Society
... and more
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