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DIARY of Events 2009
"The aim of the mess is to try to develop a social side to all the hard work we put in."
Already with a VERY Successful BURNS SUPPER behind us, 2009 has started well.
The Mess AGM is scheduled for Saturday 7th March at Taunton RAFA - all mess members are required. We also hope to give the Officers their annual thrashing at the Bring Your Boss games night. Please come along and bring your boss with you. Its always been good night, and many unit commanders end up trawling the wing for a spare 'invite' to get there.
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1 Feb 09
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Formed in 2002, and the FIRST such "Mess" in the Air Training Corps.
The Mess was initially granted permission by OC D&S Wing to form a Mess for Uniformed Warrant Officers, and recently retired Warrant officers of the Air Training Corps.
Time moves on, and we with it - the instigation of a proper rank structure for the Non-commissioned staff of the Corps allowed us to open up membership to the Uniformed Sergeants and Flight Sergeants, which expanded the Mess membership further.
In early 2006 the Mess committee, now firmly established, and with a string of VERY successful events and activities behind it, opened up membership to the Civilian Instructors of Devon and Somerset Wing, along with an offer of membership to some of the 'colleagues' we work with in parts of the Army Cadet and Sea Cadet Corps organisations, along with some of our 'Service Helpers'..
The Mess now offers a range of social opportunities throughout the year, ranging from our HIGHLY successful "Battle of Britain Dinner" as a full formal Mess dinner, through to the "Bring your Boss night" evening of pub-type games - with many Unit Commanders so keen to attend they are prepared to be 'adopted' for the night!
June 2007: The Mess Committee, in keeping with RAF Messes decided to make membership of the Mess 'automatic' on appointment to SNCO/WO status. Social Membership is still optional.
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2008 AGM and the Bring Your Boss Night
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