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Illian Companions

The Illian Companions (Courtesy of Firin and Merlyn)

As most every human of the lands is aware, the Illian companions are the elite fighting force of the King of Illian. We are a fiercly loyal, close tied group of men and women, willing to give life and limb to help each other and our King. The Illian Companions are expected to be able to traverse the lands of Illian, know its bounds, and be able to swiftly trek through the surrounding countryside with ease and quickness. Companions should be able to help any citizens in need. While our government is often changing, our Army is quite stable and self-functioning. Our clan leader is Zeduis, and at the moment our wonderful and dedicated clan watcher is Myrddin.

In order to be considered for the Illian Companions you need to be friendly and contained, we do not accept those of ill repute. You should have knowledge of the zones of Illian, and be aware that while we are at war with Tear and appreciate those strong in fighting ability, we do NOT appreciate one who does nothing but curse at Tairens and assert himself or herself over others.

If interested in joining the Illian Companions, you should mail an in character letter to the Illian Companions or specifically, to members of the Illian Council, Merlyn, Zeduis, and Kaiser. This should be a roleplay letter about yourself, your life, your abilities, and why you want to join the Companions. Once a Companion tells you that you have been chosen as an aspirant, let the world know that you are a {Companion Aspirant}. Then find Karlin den Tolkras and say the words "Apply Companion". You will be allowed to train yourself until feel ready to take a test of the lands of Illian, given again by our Recruitment Officer, Merlyn. You must also gain the respect of 3 other well known Companions.

Requirements: Level 25, not a channeler, constant activity.
1.) Lvl 25
2.) Extensive knowledge of Illian, Murandy, and Tear
3.) The recommendations of 2 rank 3 and higher Companions and one rank 5 and higher Companion and an unofficial recommendation from Recruiting Officer
4.) Final clanning quest issued by Council and/or Recruiting Officer
Where Paishain, Smitty, Aylia, Brigands, Wolfie, and Tunnel Dwellers are. Know all of Illian and its secrets. Be able to traverse the nations of Illian, Murandy, Andor, Far Madding, and Tear.

Illian Companion Equipment
  • a green coat embroidered with nine golden bees
  • a jade-inlaid weapons belt with a golden buckle
Tradable Clan Abs
  • a conical helmet with a faceguard of steel bars
  • a jade-chasted breastplate adorned with nine golden bees
  • a pair of gold vambraces inlaid with jade.
  • a pair of war gauntlets with jade studded knuckles
  • a pair of jade worked golden greaves
  • a pair of green boots trimmed in gold

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