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Hi everyone and welcome to my web page. I'm still gonna be working on it a bit but since I'm focusing on building levels for Wheel of time, well.... ;) this page *might* just not get updated often! I'd also like to thank Paul Mahon for helping me design this web page...
First off, my contact info! You can email me at and my ICQ number is 15555961 ... so if you have any questions, comments or ideas, be sure to contact me! :)
I am a longtime member of the Black Tower, an online Wheel of Time clan. My rank is Asha'man, and I am a member of the Air guild. I just played in my first Tournament representing the Tower, and our team tied the first game and one the next two, against the People of the Dragon clan.
I am currently collaborating with Simon Phoenix, a Dedicated of the Black Tower, on several citadel level ideas....
My first level, Orbit the Sun, is a simple, symmetrical ring pattern for an Arena game. It is rather large and works best with 6 or more players.
My second level, Trolloc's Playground, is a fun little place.... Arena, but there are some fun little surprises too... play along with the Trolloc's by jumping into the pit... I dare you .... ;)
Just released, my first collaboration with Simon Phoenix, the Citadel level A Quick Little War. As the name implies, a very small level, and Chain Lightning is DEADLY here. If you happen accross a water shield, you are set. ;)

Latest News

January 22nd, 2000
Still no word on the PATCH. ARGH! But on another note, be sure to check out my music page!
January 7th, 2000
Citadel Level: A Quick Little War is now availible. Recommended 2-4 players, possibly the first ever non-Legend citadel level.


As far as I am aware, the nomenclature for Wheel of Time is Arena_Levelname for arena games, Battle#_Levelname for citadel games where # is the number of teams, and Mission_Levelname for single player.

ARENA -- Orbit the Sun
8+ Players suggested.
ARENA -- Trolloc's Playground
6-12 Players suggested.
CITADEL -- A Quick Little War
Screenshots coming soon
Ideal for grudge matches. 2 or 4 players suggested.
MISSION -- Legacy of Kheops
(coming soon)


Email me to get added here!

The Black Tower ClanMembership is temporarily FROZEN at 120 members, but if you are good, you can still get in ;)
Christopher Mallon's WoT Music This is a site supporting my WoT music CHECK IT OUT PLEASE! :)
Min's Wheel of Time A nice little site, one of the newer ones. Walkthrough being added.
Planet Wheel of Time A great site for news and for discussion forums.
Shadar Logoth A great overall site with up to date news and level downloads.
Wheel of Time The Official Legend Entertainment Wheel of Time site.
Wheel of Time Clans The biggest and best clan support site for Wheel of Time.
Wheel of Time Level Designers Network A brand new site to link together and make it easy to contact the people making custom levels for Wheel of Time.
World of Dreams One of the first ever sites up and running!
Wheel of Time Game Club A club for general chat about Wheel of Time.
Wheel of Time Level Designers A club for level designers to chat in, expanding on the Designer's Network.

More coming soon! :) Thanks for visiting!
E-Mail, or ICQ 15555961.

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