Whispers of the Past | v1.0: Out of Egypt
Whispers of the Past

whispers of the past//v1.0//out of egypt

Paws move across the sifting sands,
As you head towards a land,
Where howls ring out, calling to you,
Inviting and strange, something new,

A land where wolves proudly reside,
A land where many surprises hide,
Where the endangered species lives without fear,
Of humans, no matter how far or near,

An occasional battle is to be expected,
It is not their nature to have you misled,
Of the dangers this land may or may not hold,
The dangers that make your body go cold,

And as you continue to see your fate,
Amongst the packs that lie in wait,
Or with the loners, wild and free,
This is where you were meant to be.

Beyond Egypt...

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Requirements: Usage of frames; Verdana font is encouraged, being what is used here; advanced knowledge of wolves, not wolf RPing; knowledge of RPing; Beginning - Advanced RPing skills; Best Viewable in 1024x768 screen resolution