The WoT Reference Guide: Aiel


Aiel Societies:
Aethan Dor (Red Shields)
Cor Darei (Night Spears)
Duadhe Mahdi’in (Water Seekers)
Far Aldazar Din (Brothers of the Eagle)
Far Dareis Mai
(Maidens of the Spear)
Hama N’Dore
(Mountain Dancers)
Seia Doon (Black Eyes)
Shaen M’Tal  (Stone Dogs)
Sha’mad Conde (Thunder Walkers)
Sovin Nai (Knife Hands)
Tain Shari (True Bloods)
(Dawn Runners)

Chareen Clan:
Chief: Erim
Wise Ones: Sorilea
Septs: Cosaida, Jarra, White Mountain
Holds: Shende Hold

Codarra Clan:
Chief: Indirian
Septs: Jaern Rift,

Daryne Clan:
Chief: Mandelain

Goshien Clan:
Chief: Bael
Wise Ones: Melaine
Septs: Jhirad, Mosaada, Stones River

Jenn Clan:
The clan that is not.

Miagoma Clan:
Chief: Timolan
Wise Ones: Chaelin, Cosain
Septs: Smoke Water, Spine Ridge

Nakai Clan:Chief: Bruan
Wise Ones: Aeron, Alsera, Seana
Septs: Black Cliff, Flat Water, Black Water
Holds: Shiagi Hold

Reyn Clan:
Chief: Dhearic
Septs: Two Spires

Shaido Clan:
Chief: Sevanna (acting)
Wise Ones: Emerys, Sevanna, Therava
Septs: Jumai

Shaarad Clan:
Chief: Jheran
Wise Ones: Bair
Septs: Black Rock, Haido, Imran

Shiande Clan:
Chief: Janwin
Wise Ones: Edarra
Septs: Neder

Taardad Clan:
Chief: Rhuarc
Wise Ones: Amys
Septs: Bitter Water, Chumai, Jindo (Heirn - Sept Chief), Nine Valleys
Holds: Cold Rocks

Tomanelle Clan:
Chief: Han
Septs: Serai, Shorara

Other Septs:
Domai, Four Holes, Iron Mountain, Jagged Spire,  Musara, Red Water, Salt Flat, Spine Ridge