london view

Despite all the complaints made about the British Press, I seem to have escaped unscathed (so far, so far). Even tho the Papparazzi seem to be kind enough to leave me alone (with just one year left on my UK visa to go), theres always someone with a camera handy...(click click on the photos to see Emma in Big style)

The ones that didnt make it into the papers..

Dundee (Scotland - New Years)

Fort William (Scotland - January)

Fort William (Scotland)




New Years Holiday to Scotland

Looking for the snow..

Adrian is just taking a closer look at the snow..

Copenhagen (Denmark - February)

Copenhagen (Denmark - February

Bath (UK - February)



Bath Abbey

Freezing, but not as cold as the poor Little Mermaid!

Pretty little coloured houses that Copenhagen is famous for

Everybodys favourite Tour Manager takes a day trip to Bath.. (hmm i seem to have lost my tourists!)

Bristol (UK - February)

Oxford (UK - March)

Belfast (Ireland - March)

Bristol Bridge



Natasha & I ran away to Bristol for the weekend!

Recognise? Its the dining Hall at Hogwarts!

Me on a rope bridge just outside of Belfast.


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