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New location Revealed
Blizzard has released a new location, Kalidar, the home of the Night Elves
July 24,2003
- DishWateI2
New Races
- DishWateI2
World of Warcraft: Trolls and Gnomes!
New races have been released so now all 8 races: Human,Orc,Undead,Dwarf,Gnome,Nightelf,Tauren,and Troll in the game!
November 15,2003
New location Revealed
A new creatures/mosters has been reviled, its Harpy and Furbolg, both residents of Kalidar home of the Night Elves. Check them out here
July 30,2003
- DishWateI2
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Bad News
World of Warcraft Beta -- Update
Over the past few weeks, it has become apparent that the World of Warcraft beta will not be available within the fourth quarter of 2003. The development team is currently hard at work testing the alpha version of the game, and we look forward to bringing you an outstanding beta in early 2004.
January 18,2004
- DishWateI2